Streaming music player with beautiful photos – a Fusion of Art and Music!


My name is Colin and I am a digital creator and Founder of MX FUSION APP based in California, United States. It is a Music Streaming app complimenting the Photo streaming experience. Anyone who is having love for music and photo can explore those through this platform. Where they can get unlimited streaming access in free. I am a music/photo lover and have a passion to grow upcoming music artists and photographers too who all are struggling to get recognition to show their talent on SPOTIFY/UNSPLASH platforms. I believe that Music/Photos streaming can change the life perspective and the way of living it. Here my goal is to explore more talents and let them grow their career with the support of my app to feature their work worldwide.
Spotify artists, Musicians, Producers, Upcoming Singers, Singles can share their latest Music Releases with us to Feature them into our playlists. We have all type of playlists genre available and you can select playlist accordingly to the type of music you are creating and our main Goal/Vision is to Promote Musicians Creative Work and support talents.
Photographers can also share their photo albums to feature them with the same theme-based music playlist. They can grow their career now after featuring them through our app. Our platform is meant to support their creative hard work and get them more popularity and recognition.

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