The Queen of our Hearts! – Find out why in this exclusive interview with Aieysha Haws

Published on 01/26/2022

Aieysha’s passionate storytelling with music began at a young age. With unwavering devotion to writing & singing, she found and even created new opportunities to perform throughout her childhood to this day, as Aieysha has recently placed on on Stingray’s Listeners’ Choice: Today’s Hip-Hop, and The Digilogue After Dark: Toronto by Audiomack. She was inspired at a young age by Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer” [Cassette], and 20th Century Masters: “The Best Of Patti LaBelle” [CD], both received as gifts from her mother.
Aieysha was born in Florida, but these days it’s Toronto, ON that glows regal in her presence as she continues to ascend with wit & wonder in her unique fusion of Contemporary-R&B/Rap that emphasizes the unpredictability in life itself.
Today we are lucky, Aieysha took a moment out of her busy schedule this month to chat with Colin from MX-Fusion:

(Colin) First of all, I want to say congrats 100,000 streams! That’s awesome. How does that feel? Were you surprised? Were you surprised by what songs are the most popular?
(Aieysha) I’m honored & surprised! What’s most surprising is, the growth and response of people that consider themselves fans of my music, and different people have reached out to me, just to say, Hey, I heard your song(s). They’ll express how it’s impacted them on a personal level & how they felt. I’m building a community & changing lives. My new release, “Turmoil“ has been so successful, that people say it’s really different, it’s showing a different sound & side of me. That’s exactly what I aimed for.
Oh, nice. Yeah, it is different than the other ones. I mean, I’m not I’m not an expert in music. I’m a fan. I’m not an expert. I, it’s almost acapella to me, like, your voice is strong. I really admire that. And “Butterflies“ was for me one of my other favorite ones, too. I like that meeting there.
Yeah, I wanted to showcase my voice. In a way, that the recording sounds live. Also, to show the natural transition I can do between singing & rapping. I have a style when speaking & serious vocals. I use a melodic-rap delivery, sort of like what Drake does. But, i’m more so magical. There’s a powerful quality to my voice beyond just hearing everyday lyrics & a professional type of sound.
Cool. No, that’s awesome. And your story is really interesting. Like you started at such a young age, with your passion for music, and I was curious to hear more about how that started out?
Yeah, I’ve been singing since I was seven. Around that age, I would pretty much throw on pretend shows. I’d pretend my closet was a stage and come out from behind the doors like they were curtains. I’d invite other kids over to my house, dress up in my church clothes, & be ready to entertain. You know, everyone has their good clothes, for outings, their Sunday best! I’d imagine & emulate things Patti Labelle or Tina Turner would do, because those were my artists. I was playing, but serious about my role. They were a big influence, in terms of my music, & they are still very important to me.
Absolutely. Yeah, I remember growing up like I was kind of 80s child, so yeah, I can relate to that. And did you, stay with music? Was it something solid throughout your childhood? Or did you leave music and then come back to it later?
I consider myself to be a multifaceted person. Apart from music, you’ll find me heavily in arts, drawing & writing. Not just writing my music. I like to explore different things. I’m always learning that way & curiosity keeps me thinking of new creative ideas.
I was just wondering, do you publish? Do you have paintings like you’d ever give galleries or solos? Or do you ever mix it up with your music, like use your own painting and as a video?
As an independent artist, I’ve designed all my single covers myself, just making it happen, DIY. One thing about abstract ideas is having freedom over your creativity, which is great. Also, it all starts with an experiment.
The CVA for “Butterflies“ has a “Wow!” factor. I wanted it to be eye-catching to most, yet ‘cautionary!’ – you know, although, we’ve received a warning against something dangerous, we’ll pursue it’s contents anyway. The yellow, red, black & white are all rich & familiar; I intentionally used these colours to express themes & meaning in the song. The same thing applies to “Turmoil”. I have The Queen of Hearts, that’s me!
Absolutely! Awesome, OK yeah, I like those like strong colors; that’s awesome.
And in your teenage years did you find like growing up at that time did that influence your music even today? Like I was thinking a lot about “Turmoil“ or even “Butterflies“ to a little bit, at least for me, it kind of reminds me of as you’re growing up and going through changes and relationships and stuff like that. I was curious how your adolescence might’ve influenced?
For sure. Everyday is a learning experience. We never stop learning throughout our lives. I take away bits & pieces from how I interpret the world around me and in my own relationships with others, in order to create the stories I tell & it’s all a matter of going through my own process of thoughts & feelings. My own philosophies that can guide & help nurture someone else during vulnerable times. Growing up has always been about self-love, self-worth, & gathering more self-awareness.
That’s good. I think a lot of people can relate to that. I know for me, it struck a chord with me, you know?
“Turmoil“, that was an exploration of love & trust; uncovering vulnerabilities, as I am; in fact, a giver. As givers, we tend to give more than we receive. For me, unrequited love is a reoccurring theme, where whether it’s reciprocated or not, I keep giving until I get tired of the circumstance, which people, places, and things draining me of my power. Then i’m going through a flux of emotions, because it doesn’t make sense in my head to endure so much…
Yeah, that’s great. And coming to today, like “Turmoil“ is pretty new, right? I’m guessing you wrote it recently? Is that right, like, in the past year, or something
Well, you’re the first to ask that. “Turmoil“ was written, well when I was 15. So it’s funny that adolescence was mentioned as well.
Definitely, I felt like that because I kind of remember, even though there was a lot of bad for me going through growing up you know, everything you talked about in relationships, and flux of emotions like you said, that is so cool. It was with you for that time until now, and now it comes out and you make into the song that really resonates with me and your fans.
Yeah, you have the the heart, and then you have the mind; and we dance between the two, because sometimes you ask yourself, “Am I making a conscious decision with my feelings?” While, your mind is screaming, “This could is so irrational!” At the same time, we see a similar dynamic with Alice in Wonderland, which is why I opened with “Off with you head!”
Leading in decisions with your head or heart is conflicting. The two go hand in hand, working together, in terms of processing life.
At 15, the hook for “Turmoil“ came to mind, and it was initially envisioned as a reggae song, then the lyrics gradually came from experiences of hurt and healing, which is heartfelt. I put this all away, until now, where I revisit the past with present & future clarity. I have learned more & apply the lessons that helped to strengthen my character in this song.
Sure, I understand. Totally, I mean I think that’s really powerful.
And I think it’s brave too because, you know, there’s a vulnerability there. But then when you are so genuine with your story and your music, that’s what resonates, right?
Revisiting it, I felt like it was exactly the the right message that I wanted to convey. It went from, a heavy heart, which took time to translate & balanced out with head – the two came together in this conversation. So you have an aspect of the younger me & the older me.
Yeah, that’s a good point for the younger, the older, the wiser; yeah. Okay. I love it. That’s great.
And, these days, what keeps you motivated? Like, do you find yourself still constantly learning? I like how you said you’re always learning, do you still feel constant motivation? Like, where’s your source of motivation?
Memes, gifs, & anime. I’m joking, but not joking! All of these things factor into everyday life.
What keeps me motivated? A huge part of that is being social. Being in the digital age, communication is what keeps us connected, exploring what is purposeful to me & who i’m speaking with in conscious conversations. We can share how we feel, think, & more. Usually, that goes along the lines of discussing self care, self love, self worth & confidence. Being self-aware. A lot of self, because what you do for yourself is always going to be reflected in the dynamic of your relationships & interacts with other people, as well, how you treat others.
No, I get it. That’s a good point. Yeah, that’s that’s a really good insight; it makes sense for sure.
Okay, cool, now I really appreciate that.
Sometimes, I just sit down & reflect on how I’ve grown; how my way of thinking has changed & the power of emotional intelligence.
The other night, I thought, a lot of times people react a certain way towards us, and we take it personally. Underneath what we feel is our innerchild, saying “Oh, we don’t deserve this”, and we start to hypothesize about why we’re being treated this way?
Then, if you aren’t operating with a certain level of emotional intelligence, your emotions feel invalidated. Different perspective are valuable, because their inner-child could be conditioned/wounded causing them to act in that way, which triggers ours. A lot of people haven’t grown up & operate from the shadow of their egos. We’re reflections of each other – mirroring different aspects of self.
That’s what I wanted to convey with the cover art for “Turmoil“.
Oh, I get it. I didn’t notice that before. Yeah, I see it; alright.
I hope that gives you some insight?
No, it does. I presume it’s pretty deep. Like it takes me a minute to process that. But that is awesome, and I think definitely what is resonating.
If I switch gears a bit, and we’ll come back to the vocals. But you mentioned you do a lot of other things, do you play any instruments as well
I don’t play any instruments. I wish I could. Maybe one day? For now, my voice is the only instrument I play.
Yeah, well, definitely. It definitely is never too late!
But I think for sure, I mean, the vocals are coming through, I think you’re in a good spot; I was curious, because you have that breadth of talent.
And on musical role models, I mean, you mentioned Tina Turner, and of course Patti LaBelle, I really liked the Luther Vandross! That’s one that doesn’t come up as often as I would, like, do you take any as a role model or just inspiration to your music?
I see them as both, both role models & inspirations.
As people, they have a lot of drive & passion. For me, it’s not my goal to emulate their style or sound, but more so, developing a similar attitude about life. I’ve come to admire their journeys; growing into that person that finds personal autonomy. And, just to be powerful without compromising their authenticity, overall.
Interesting, and that kind of ties back to what you were saying earlier too about your emotions, or how you react to people with that confidence, that ties into the autonomy.
Right. If you seen photos of me on my artist profile, you’ll see that I love my suits.
I like that ‘Power Suit’ type of style. Wear the suit, don’t let it wear you. Today, I feel music from the 80s 90s, has a big influence that’s bridging into the the current generation of music now. That’s why we have so many fusions of different looks & genres. So with myself, I can’t hold myself to one genre, but more importantly, I want to explore everything in fusions.
Yeah, I like that. I’m kind of similar; I like so many different kinds of genres. Sometimes I’m a bit picky like on certain songs or artist, but I love, electronica rock, new wave. Of course I like r&b. I guess you call as maybe as rap, probably more hip hop. I like which, you know, is so different, but I love it. I love melody and meaning in the music as well. So I appreciate that these are like a fusion that I like.
Exactly! Music with meaning, & that goes back to artists of that time. They were innovative, creating a lot of stuff, as the first to do it. Patti Labelle had people, which was a very moving song. I don’t know if you’re familiar with People? It’s okay, if you’re not.
No; I think I probably only heard mostly what was on the radio at that time, you know?
Okay, so she also had ‘New Attitude.’
This one I remember! Yeah.
If you were to draw a comparison between us, while vocally we’re not the same, obviously, & different span of experience. But, we can set a mood. Having that power to just change the tone when people listen, even if the tone is dark or light, there is always a shift that’s very uplifting & makes you sit back & think. I want to emphasize a feeling of optimism & move you into a state of reflection to seek more perspective in your own life.
Yeah, that’s good; I didn’t think about that. Because when I first saw, like you said earlier, “Off With Your Head” – but the Queen of Hearts is both ways? It’s like it seems dark at first, but it’s really not. Right?
Exactly. You’ll have to listen back a couple times more & ask yourself, what did this all really mean? Because that’s my intention, everything that I’m writing & saying, I want you to listen the first time, go, come back & ask questions about what I said. And because everything can have various meanings & get you curious. It will mean something different to everyone. So, you might listen & say “She’s talking about a romantic relationship”, or say, “She’s talking about herself”; “No, wait. She’s talking about me?”
That’s interesting.
No, I love it and that’s; I mean this is just off on the side but I have like a quirk that sometimes I like to listen to the same song like on repeat. Yeah. But that really fits in, you’re right because the song will grow on you; it will almost evolve.
To alert your senses. Invoke thoughts. So basically, invoking thoughts and evoking emotions.
Yeah, that’s the whole heart and mind.
Yeah, balance of the two.
That makes me passionate about music, because, you’ll sit down with a song & you get all the vibes.
Still, it depends, it depends on you; what’s your mood today? What are you gonna listen to, you know, you’ll either listen to a song with a desire to change your mood, or you want to set a certain mood.
It is for me too a lot of times, especially if I want to focus I’ll pick something because I want to get into the zone, or if I want to do the opposite. Right? And I just want to forget it for a few minutes.
You know, that makes a lot of sense.
With more specifics to my story, in terms of background, is what my mom gave me, as a birthday gift, music from Patti LaBelle & Tina Turner. 20th Century Masters: The Best Of Patti LaBelle.
So, you know, how some of the most notable artists have a collection all their songs compiled into one album? She got me just that, it was a CD, & Tina Turner’s Private Dancer, which was a cassette, & I pretty much fluctuated between the two. So I guess it was a fusion in itself, the blend of those two unique vibes from different women. They all have unique qualities that stood out to me, while listening, because I’d had no idea what these women looked like. I just said, wow, this really makes me feel something, indescribable, and, this is me, at seven years old.
Wow! Just thinking, well, I feel like I lived their experiences & I don’t feel alone. Although, I had no idea what they were talking about. It’s timeless. That’s the thing, the music doesn’t hold to one place in time. It flows.
Yeah, no; I like that. And it definitely is timeless. I’m on with you on that for sure.
Just out of curiosity, I know it’s maybe controversial question, is there any music that you don’t like or any music that you hate or anything like that?
I haven’t found music that I hate. Just, sometimes, you’ll listen to an artist & it isn’t your vibe at first, but then you listen again, which brings more clarity about what the meaning & message is.
What’s controversial is a matter of how we separate the artists from their music? And really, when you listen to someone else’s music, you’re listening to different aspects of them, no matter how you want to take it or leave it, their subconscious can be heard. Uncovering, the good & the bad; it’s all one within music. Know this helps me not to hate the things people have created. They had a reason & intention behind their creation, as is, be it good or bad, gradually, people get better, learn & grow. As a creator myself, I look at my music and others, as always evolving.
Yeah, that’s a good point! Especially because, for you it’s such a lifelong thing, right?
Right. So you can separate it. Yeah, that’s my answer.
No, I like it. That’s awesome.
OK; and I didn’t do enough research on some things like, have you performed live? I know when you were a kid you had that dream, which is, which is great! And then of course the past years been pandemic and stuff like that. Have you done any concert live or something you looking forward to?
Yeah, throughout the years, I’ve performed throughout the GTA, so Toronto & Greater Toronto Area, just doing community gigs.
2021 was the year that marked me creating music of my own & giving that to the public. In the past, I sang solo & along others, I did covers. Going forward, I’ll be performing publicly, as myself, amplifying my voice. While, some of this has halted with the penny.
Awesome, awesome, well definitely keep us updated! We’re connected on Twitter. So I’d love to know, I mean I may not be able to travel, but sometimes they play on YouTube after the fact. And definitely, I would like to promote it, to Tweet it out!
Yes. And I had a recent performance at Artscape. Like a get together, celebrating black history month.
In a way, that’s kind of nice. Because it is more; what is the word? Like when you’re close? Almost intimate with people? Yeah, I like the smaller crowds. I went to a concert one time , over 10 years ago, and it wasn’t a super small room. It was outdoors, but a much smaller crowd and it just gave that whole vibe. Like you feel like you’re connected to everybody in that moment.
No, different.
The performance for Artscape was a virtual-concert. Only a few of us in the room, limited to performers, & those helping with the taping process. Virtually, your audience is the screen & you have to compromise the connection that you have with a live audience. I love seeing live reactions & vibing with everyone in the room. That feels most natural to me. Making connections through a screen
Virtual performances seem foreign, but it is also something that we’re moving towards…
Yeah, that is tough. I mean, it sounds like you made it work. Was it difficult to adapt to that?
I’m not going to lie. It was difficult.
For me, why I say that. It’s not a simple as, you know, you could sit down & make a cover for YouTube. That’s something I consider as practice. When you’re singing to a camera, & there’s no one there, you must dig deep to imagine the response. The audience is there in spirit.
Sure. But I think then that probably helped like at Artscape I think you had, I’m guessing since I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing probably that kind of exuding, that aura a little bit since you’ve been in that kind of thought process since you were young, you know?
That’s so cool. And is there any like, dream concert location that you would want to do? I don’t know, somewhere; maybe it could be something meaningful from your childhood, or maybe something like a bigger stage, or somewhere like exotic Europe or Asia or something like that?
2015, I did Youth Day T.O. That’s was quite some time ago, but a great event at Dundas Square. I loved the experience of a large crowd, & I got to just vibe with people of all ages. I look forward to a show like that again.
A dream performance would be COLORS or Tiny Desk — Have you heard of them?
I don’t think so? Where does that take place?
So, it’s a virtual platform where emerging artists perform. Colors has a concept of using color schemes to accompany the music. I’ve been a viewer of them on Youtube. I love how the aesthetic is always catered to the artists & their art. Everyone’s in a zone that’s intimate & captivating. The way they set the mood is stimulating. It’s people of all kinds & walks free to be themselves. Also, their studio setting, sort of provides a sense of what it’s like in the booth.
Oh, wow; that’s pretty cool. So then I wanted to go back to Colors, that reminds me of what you were saying earlier about, like “Butterflies“ and “Turmoil“ with album art those strong colors kind of all fit together.
Exactly. That would align most with what I have in mind.
Awesome. And then one thing you said I didn’t understand. So you said you wanted to go back to, I think you said Dundas Square or something I didn’t understand?
Youth Day T.O. is hosted at Dundas Square in Toronto.
OK, so that’s new to me All right. Cool.
And it’s a great, it’s a great annual event for youth performers.
I also had my first art gallery experience, where my visuals were displayed, they hosted my cartoon cells.
OK; so the Anime thing is a real influence, yeah?
Not necessarily, but I enjoy the philosophy, the philosophical aspect of anime. Also, the variety of colours, ideas, stories, & personalities. In the world of anime, I dig deep into the subconscious of characters & find understanding of people I encounter daily. I’m curious to know, what’s on your mind? What’s in your heart?
For sure. No, that’s cool. I like that. And I think that really gets, back to the music.
One thing I want to ask you before I forget, you mentioned the cover songs. And I think I’m a little bit of a contrarian, I like some cover songs. I know, Johnny Cash “Hurt“ is the one that gets so much attention. But there’s other covers I hear sometimes, I heard one the other day of a Fleetwood Mac song that was covered by some other band. And I like when artists do a cover, they kind of make it their own. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s cool.
Did you, when you got started, did you have a hard time, like in terms of maybe getting accepted? Or did you find that you were able to help you to get out there more?
You know what? To answer that in the most honest way that I can. Singing covers. Doesn’t make you any less of an artist, but I spenta lot of years auditioning for things & competing. People would would give feedback about how unique & professional I sound, while I didn’t have my own music out. That was a step I needed to take to find more of my own listeners. Doing covers, you’re still challenged to make things your own & not get dubbed lesser or more than the original. My voice is my most honed instrument. I may not play an instrument, but the way I switch it up, I get asked often, whether I do. I can flow like a piano, because I hear the keys play in my mind & the rest I just follow my heart.
Absolutely, yeah, I hear that. Like I was saying, in “Turmoil“ I really hear that, I know it’s not purely ‘A cappella’. But almost like that. You have that instrument level vocally, for sure.
Yeah. covers has helped me grow, vocally. It also had an influence in terms of finding my own style & riffs, because I find with every artists they all have what I call a ‘sound signature’ & I’m developing a signature sound on my own, in terms of voice, writing style, & most importantly delivery.
And then by doing that, you’re able to find your own style, like you were saying before with the fusion with Patti LaBelle and Tina Turner, putting those two different together and then doing a cover and getting yourself in there, that’s pretty cool. I never thought about it.
Freestyle, fuse, & adapt. Those are important steps.
I love it, that’s awesome.
OK, and then what has been the hard part of being a musician for you, if anything? And maybe not, I’m just curious?, Like challenges that you’ve had or struggles maybe you’ve gone through?
There’s a slew of things that’s perhaps sugarcoated & glamorized. Singer, rapper, producer, writer, any creative, you have to know & protect your rights. Also, know who you’re working with is on the same page & has mutual interests. Building a trusted team is important. That includes everyone from fanbase, management, producers & engineers, PR, family, friends & community.
Also, identifying other artists & creatives not as competition, but partners with the same passion.
I really appreciate that you said fan base, because that’s something I noticed with Indie Artists, they are always kind of more down to earth than superstars. And I feel like man, you know I definitely respect someone’s talent whoever it is, but at the same time without the fans; well I like it when it kind of is mutual.
So I really liked that you mentioned that, I think that that’s really significant.
And then the other artists, that’s something I never thought about before? Is there a competitive side or something or is everybody kind of in it together?
I feel everyone’s in it together. But sometimes there can be some competition in terms of the mainstream artists, they’re all battling for awards, recognition, & money according to the tabloids.
Achievements shouldn’t matter once you have achievements, people to celebrate with & inspire.
Interesting, I never really knew about that. That’s fascinating.
OK, and then if I flip it around, what comes to you the easiest or the most naturally when it comes to your music?
The process of creating comes naturally. It’s both, easy & complicated. Because emotions can be easily explored, yet hard to navigate. During which you uncover new vulnerabilities & interpret in ways that you’re comfortable sharing with the world. Like an open book, but sometimes, that book is extremely personal, so you make it just for you. Or, you become overwhelmed by how it will be received.
OK, makes sense.
And that’s, that’s pretty cool. Because I think a lot of people do sometimes struggle with creativity. And so I think it’s also that you are able to get that out of yourself. That’s really great!
Yeah, that’s writer’s block, if you’re ever struggling to write something, oftentimes, it’s, you’re either trying to trying to force a different sound or for something that isn’t there, or you’re forcing yourself to stray away from, you know, uncovering what you want to put in the message.
The artist is instrumental to the music. Whether it’s a sound that you’re hearing, melody, or beat.
Say a guitarist, for example, you have a guitarist, they want to play major chords to accompany sad lyrics oppose to minor chords. Everyone’s happy dancing to an upbeat tune & don’t realize the true meanings hidden among the lyrics. The sound & lyrics contradict each other. Like Pumped Up Kicks. Lyrical dissonance.
Yeah, I do absolutely. It’s kind of the dark, if you really listen to it. Some pretty dark stuff. But I like the melody, but yeah.
Exactly. So you couldn’t listen to a song and it’s like, it’s gonna mean something else, like two sides of a coin? Sounds crazy.
In fact, I’m gonna listen to it again. I wonder if there is a positive side to it. I always was, I heard that. Like, the first few times I heard it, I never really understood the words, it was just kind of like, just almost all just music. And then when I actually listen to the words, I’m like, oh, man, this sounds?
Who is it that has the gun? And what are the kids running from? And who are the kids? Metaphorically?
Yeah, that’s pretty deep. So you give me a lot to think about!
I don’t know, I have a lot of who, what, when, where and why. That’s my approach to music, questioning…
No, that’s good. And I like the story aspect.
I’m bouncing around a little bit. But that’s one of the things too, like, because I like, you know, stories, and especially things that are like, not what you would expect, like Alice in Wonderland. I know this may be cliche, but it’s so out there. Like it’s really whacked. But I love it. So that story, like you just said that’s what kind of fundamental story those kind of questions, yeah?
Yeah. And music just gives you that ability to, to play with those steaks. And everyone has their reasons. Their who, what, where, & why.
For sure. When you write your song, do you try to intentionally make it a story? Or do you just let it flow? Like, what comes out of you if that make sense?
I let it flow as is. Then, I’ll go back & filter what raw & new material I want to adapt. I’ll sing out loud & read over it. Think about it like story-writing. What direction is this taking?
Because sometimes you have something and it doesn’t, it doesn’t have a direction, it’s all over the place, or sometimes it has a direction that’s going naturally. And like I said it, you know, it’s a part of whatever is flowing and comes out of you. It’s you just go from there. I tend to freestyle.
OK, cool; I like it.
Changing direction a little bit, do you have any kind of rituals, like how you get into the zone? Like a certain, it could even be a food or a specific place, you know that you you want to be where you get inspiration or something like that?
I wrote “Butterflies“, there were gaps to fill with the chorus & I shopping. I was in the food sections & saw honey, then it came to me. I said “sweet like honey, but your poison”. Yeah. It’s funny… While I was humming. I should put this in a song. I’ll just jot notes. And put my ideas to the side, I can wait for the perfect time & place for them to shine.
Yeah, I didn’t think about that.
Sometimes, people are emotionally dumb. So that’s sort of like the reference they’re offered your head speaking to the dead. Emotional intelligence is valuable.
That’s, that’s the metaphor just because emotionally right?
Yeah. Further into the Turmoil verse, “Don’t brag, don’t boast…” So it’s a mental process, cognitive dissonance, basically.
Deep, I’m not gonna sleep tonight, because I’m gonna have to think about all this stuff…
I hope I don’t keep you up.
No I love it. It’s really great. You don’t ever run into someone, you can have a more deeper conversation. So I really appreciate.
And I’ve really thinking about this, because back to the metaphor, I’m wondering more, not just any one song, but I think more about you. Like, when you say your crown, what does that mean? Is there like a metaphor there?
When I refer to the crown, I’m just basically talking about, a state of consciousness. You wear crowns on your head. A reminder to think with clarity & be inquisitive. Wisdom being formed & interpreted: Gems.
Beautiful. Well, that’s, that’s so cool.
Now it’s coming together. Because when I first read that quote, I didn’t get it about the gem? So it means, and I’m putting my own spin on it here, it means sharing your wisdom, yeah?
With every song, I’m not just saying something to say something, “Oh, this sounds really good“. You know, don’t sit down and say “Oh, the song is really good“. Sit down and actually digest what’s being said.
I’m trying to create that experience where, you’ll listen & things still feel left unsaid, so you find out more with every word that’s said. There’s a growing audience of kids on social media, as well, people of all ages, but not everyone is stopping to read, or evaluate the constant stream of information thrown at us from so many different angles.
Too, there are people who neglect themselves by putting others first & doubting their intuition. So, self love, self purpose, self worth, all those things are apart of self-awareness. Those types of themes are hidden gems in my music.
Oh, man, I like that a lot. It’s all tying back together.
Yeah, hence, the unpredictability of life surprises.
Yeah. And that was the thing too. I was thinking about, like, when you say that then I was wondering like, how do you author a surprise that goes back to the floor? I mean, you pretty much can already answer with an answer that makes sense. Like, I just curious about that I can kind of see now, after you explain, like, even about, like, “Butterflies“, you know “Sweet like, Honey, but your poison“, but it just flew flow. So now because it was kind of a surprise, in a way, right? Because we didn’t plan it ahead of time. You know?
The start of all my songs have a grand entrance, say “Butterflies“, “No focus …“ Contrary to what’s being said, it grabs your attention. I’m in your subconscious, in your face like a pop-up. I have you off guard & tapped in.
Because it makes you think, right? That’s a surprise, yeah?
And same thing with “Off with your head“, very extreme!
I know. I didn’t expect that. And then like, but then the whole other angle, like relationships, romance, all that stuff? I mean, it is. Really.
I’m taking you on a journey. Subtly, sharing the wisdom of my experience.
Everyone will experience it differently, but what I want is for you to think & feel, which is a powerful impression of my messages.
Yeah, I like that you kind of slow down. That’s like what you’re saying social media has many people reading it so quickly, they’re almost like reading without reading or reading without understanding or however you want to say it, but yeah.
In “Zodiac Signs“, I deconstructed & explained personality, while it remained upbeat. You can also learn a lot about each sign. The unity of everyone in different admirable qualities & shifted the perspective on less desirable traits/self-consciousness.
Virgos are often dubbed perfectionist, and say, and I say no question of perfection for selective Virgo. It’s okay to be selective, and expectations of wanting something to be perfect means you aspire for better & finer things. Of course, everyone is “Not so perfect!”
So then flip it around.
I can say, and it really is like a collective of like all the zodiacs in the song, but it’s fused as like we’re all one. So it’s pretty much saying all those traits, anyone could have those traits. So it was about astrology & navigating who you are positively, despite one zodiac sign, & personal imperfections. How we view ourselves in the world & understand others, that is a part of my wisdom.
For sure. No, we do. I admire that and definitely that’s been for me, and of course your fans. I mean, I think you’ve got that feedback, and it’s awesome.
By the way, speaking of your fan base how did the name Wise Eyes come about?
Wise Eyes is a play on words. From the idiom wiseguys, instead of guys eyes. Plus, it alludes to the pronunciation of my name, so my supporters are my eyes.
You like music with meaning, & I’m happy to have you as one of my fans, supporters, you know, Wise Eyes.
I would love to be a Wise Guy. You know, I like it. That’s pretty cool, too. Like I said, you’ve given me a lot to think about today!
I enjoyed the conversation. And I thank you, too, for your time. And thank you for having me.
Likewise, thank you so much Aieysha!

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