Originating from Copperbelt Provence in Zambia, with a deep academic background, fans say that his music is uniquely captivating. For Average Joe, music is food for the soul. His first EP, “Never Let Bastards Grind You Down”, is a polished high-quality production growing in popularity. His next album is in the works, due to be released in just a few weeks you don’t wanna miss the next drop!

In the meantime Colin & Anna from MX-Fusion had a chat with Average Joe to find out more:

Published on 4/22/2022

(mXf//Colin) It’s great to have you with us Joe. Really a pleasure! Do you have any new albums in the works, any new music or plan releases in the near future on Spotify?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yeah, actually, I’m working on an album.

(mXf//Colin) Working on an album, yeah?

(AverageJoe) I’m working on an album. Basically, it’s 60% Done. Okay. So hopefully, I think in the next two months, I should be done with it.

(mXf//Colin) Awesome! Cool deal. And that would that will be your second or third album?

(AverageJoe) Second album.

(mXf//Colin) Nice, congrats! OK, so that means like, one of my favorite songs is “Downhill“. So that was like part of your first album. Is that right?

(AverageJoe) Sure. Sure.

(mXf//Colin) Nice. I think it’s, I mean, for your first album, it’s awesome. I have to say congrats. It’s really well polished. You are very professional, like the way that has been produced. And I think you had some musicians also in on that on that album, is that right?

(AverageJoe) Sure. I did. I think I should have three.

(mXf//Colin) Nice.

(AverageJoe) And it’s effective because I believe coming up with different ideas here and there. We came up with something solid.

(mXf//Colin) Nice. And if I start to go back a little bit, like in your history as an artist, how early did you get started in music? Was it something like in childhood or later in life?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yeah. First I did. I started with just songwriting. Although I didn’t take it seriously, it was in secondary school. In my, last grade that’s when I, you know, I did a lot of writing a lot of songs. It should be about 20 to 30, I can’t remember exactly the number, but I decided to take it professionally in 2021.

(mXf//Anna) I read on your socials that fans told me that your style is very unique. Like, could you tell us more about your style and what actually makes your music unique?

(AverageJoe) OK, on the aspect of the music, be unique, you know? A lot say my vocal is captivating, and then also with the lyrics that I come up with examples to touch and conveyed to a few people here and they’re able to relate.

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, yeah; and do you remember your first song, like which one of those we can hear right now is your first?

(AverageJoe) My first one, it’s “Ghetto“. Yeah, I did it in 2020 December that’s that was the first song that I did say featured a guy from here. That was the first song.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, no that’s awesome, and I think it’s interesting that you started out writing. Some of the other artists that we talk to also have a kind of a deep background in songwriting first, and then move into performing; I think that’s pretty cool. Where do you get, like your your inspiration?

(AverageJoe) I listen to Tupac. Also J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and also Lil Wayne. Including Nas.

(mXf//Colin) And do you find when a new song comes in your head, is it coming like lyrics first or melody first. How does it come together?

(AverageJoe) It comes as melody.

(mXf//Colin) Cool yeah, you know, I do notice like your music does have a lot more interesting melody. It’s not like kind of just mainstream I mean, I can see that and and I was curious like is there I’m just thinking aloud like the writing the songwriting you know, you have really interesting layer to come into it. Do you find that you mentioned earlier, like with your school like you got into music and you know, from your school days does your academic or your studies influence at all, or is that just like coincidence?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yeah. Do you mean my academic influence from when I did music in school?

(mXf//Anna) We mean that we read about, you know, preparing ourselves for this interview that you did some special studies, if I remember correctly. And did your studies, the subjects you studied, shape you somehow as an artist?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yes. Yes, we did. Because I used to take art in school. Yeah. I used to take art in school. And also, I used to perform drama. Now at that point, I didn’t take it like, seriously. But eventually, I think I have to say it’s the best way to go in order to relate and such.

(mXf//Anna) By performing drama, I mean, you did some acting performance?

(AverageJoe) Yes, yes.

(mXf//Anna) Oh, yeah. I feel a little attached here because I’m trying some acting myself, so yeah that’s awesome. And are you more into the movie and film kind of acting, or more into classical kind of acting?

(AverageJoe) Actually it was, I just did it in school, and then I decided to do music you know to just switch to music, but acting first in school and all that drama you know we could perform in schools because I remember the, what can I say, the role that had to perform I was like a Catholic priest and that was, yeah great.

(mXf//Colin) So the role like that, that kind of inspired your music and all, yeah?

(AverageJoe) Yeah, it did.

(mXf//Colin) Interesting; I was wondering if any of your music was, like if I think about it from the other direction, for your audience? Is any of your music written specifically for students or for younger people?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yeah. I think, let’s say when I come up with with an idea I basically try to reach an audience. If I’m talking about something relatable to children, definitely I’ll come up with that. So far, I think I’ve done about three concerning educating children and such.

(mXf//Colin) Awesome. Yeah, that’s really cool. And do you have music that you think is like, kind of geared towards, you know kids in school that want to pull an all-nighter for an exam or anything like that?

(AverageJoe) No, not really.

(mXf//Colin) No OK. I just wondering you know, because you have that background I think that’s really interesting. How do you connect to your fans directly,  and this is kind of a two part question because I couldn’t find anything when I Googled, do you perform anywhere live? And how do you like to connect with your audience?

(AverageJoe) I perform live it’s; what can I say it’s a brand that we’re still working on is still building mostly, I do perform live!

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, and when it comes to performance, how you’re doing during the pandemic? Like were you able to? Because I don’t know the background of your country, were you able to perform there during the pandemic? Or, like all the rest part of the world you had to cut off your performance and go to the internet and stay there?

(AverageJoe) OK, during the; let me say the side effects were not that severe, so some selected parts in our countries were open to shows, you can watch shows and all that. But in some areas, yeah in the past what was done under that.

(mXf//Anna) And when we talk about traveling and live shows is there a place anywhere in the world that you never been? And you would like to go and perform?

(AverageJoe) Oh yeah! Yeah, Jamaica!

(mXf//Anna) Never been there either.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, that’d be awesome I’ve also not ever been there. OK, cool; and where was your first concert by the way?

(AverageJoe) Yeah, that’s that’s my country, in a region called the northern province where these elite leaders, the Legacy VIP Pub. That’s why they formed, that was the first first concert they did.

(mXf//Colin) Nice. Were you nervous at all?

(AverageJoe) I was composed, of course. I was never scared, but I came to understand, to say just to be done over there, it was awesome.

(mXf//Anna) How many instruments do you play?

(AverageJoe) At the moment I’m playing the drums. Of course I would want to enroll in a music school, I need to practice more instruments.

(mXf//Anna) Is there maybe like the one you would love to learn in the future? Which one?

(AverageJoe) Thinking of violin, yeah, I think it can give music some some defined sound some unique sound too. Of course the instrument, I think it’s limited you know, but at the moment that I’m able to practice.

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, I wish that I will have a chance to learn that because it’s a pretty fun instrument.

(mXf//Colin) I agree! And I’m just thinking, like definitely you know you already have such a unique sound. I think that’d be awesome.

And, just switching subject, what is the hardest part about being musician for you? If anything?

(AverageJoe) You said the hard part? I’ll say marketing because as it is now, you know, you tend to build it from the ground up, from scratch. So on the part of marketing. I’m trying to do a lot of research, also trying to find appropriate ways to go about it.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, that’s definitely the tough part! I love the fact that you’re taking a brand based approach I’m a big believer in brands, do you think, like if you were to think about yourself as a brand or your music as a brand, what are the defining values? In other words, if you were to describe your brand in a few words how would you describe it?

(AverageJoe) How can I say? Well OK, can I put it; my brand is something that has to touch, music is food for the soul. So to start with, music is food for the soul. So I feel my brand is to take it upon my heart to ensure that people get the the quality music that they want to hear it to to be isolated from maybe something that doesn’t have direction and all that from the music. You know, there are a lot of singers of course. Not not not in the Bible, but when trying to convey the message it has to touch the soul. That’s why.

(mXf//Colin) Awesome. Yeah. I love it. Is there any like imagery that comes to mind? Like when you think about your brand and about music is food for the soul? That’s awesome. What kind of images do you think would go with your brand , let’s say your album cover art or something like that?

(AverageJoe) I love that image that you used for “Downhill“, it explains the whole story. Like, that was the idea, the concept.

(mXf//Colin) That’s awesome, that makes me really happy! I appreciate that. Because we try to really look for the meaning behind songs. And I’m really happy that we that we got that one right!

(AverageJoe) Definitely was on point. Awesome.

(mXf//Anna) Do you mind, I wanted to ask, if you could become an expert in one thing, like just right now? Other than of course, music and other than marketing that you mentioned before? What would that be?

(AverageJoe) To be an expert? You mean mean in the music industry, or just anything?

(mXf//Anna) Something else besides music, let’s say something else because what you’re doing is great. You mentioned also before that you want to become an expert in music marketing, because struggling with that.

But like, if you could become an expert at anything, you got this opportunity to choose. What would you choose to become an expert in?

(AverageJoe) It would be another profession aside from music if I get you, right? Oh, OK; I’m a soldier

(mXf//Anna) OK, a hard profession! And yeah, I respect so much just being brave, with a similar dedication.

(AverageJoe) Yeah, yes.

(mXf//Colin) And going back a bit to what you were saying about music is good for the soul and how you have songs that are specific for your fans. Is there some kind of like, manifesto? Or like, what do you like to tell fans through your music, or through art even?

(AverageJoe) Mostly I love to preach about peace, you know, and to inspire them to motivate them. Basically it’s all about trying to convince them to have a different mindset if someone, if you depressed and that they should hear that song to motivate that person, inspire them, and also to stay away from trouble.

(mXf//Colin) That’s awesome. Definitely, we could use that message these days.

And when you’re writing song and I, like, we’ve been talking about like the songwriting aspect, do you have any rituals, or maybe certain food, or certain place that you go to that that inspires you to write new songs? Almost like a ritual or a routine when you want to get into the songwriting mode, a certain kind of food that boosts your creativity, or a certain place that you go to where you feel like you can get in the zone?

(AverageJoe) OK. Basically, I usually do it early in the morning, maybe somewhere around this time, because right now it’s good, it’s in the night let me say. So this is the best time, that’s when I like to try to convert ideas into song.

(mXf//Colin) That’s awesome; Anna was telling me similar thing too! She likes that kind of like peaceful hour, yeah?

(AverageJoe) Oh, yeah.

(mXf//Anna) For Poland by the way, we have almost the same hour. It’s almost 4 AM here.

(AverageJoe) AM? Yeah.

(mXf//Anna) So yeah, from what I checked I’m like one hour before.

(mXf//Colin) That’s awesome. I think a lot of like, creativity, creative people are like-minded it seems to me.

Well, hey, man, it’s been really great meeting you! And and hopefully we’ll get to talk again, you know, as we work together and things like that.

I also wanted to ask, is anything else you would like to add to our conversation today?

(AverageJoe) Oh, I’m done with with single, which I will be releasing, I think anytime soon. This coming month April. The track, it’s called “Nemesis“.

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, like when you publish the song please send it to us and of course can retweet the song for you to promote it a little.

(AverageJoe) Alright, I’ll do so.

(mXf//Colin) Awesome man. Okay, well, it’s been great meeting you. And definitely appreciate your time today

(AverageJoe) Okay, thank you so much Colin. Awesome, Thank you.

(mXf//Anna) Thank you! It was nice to meet you.

(AverageJoe) Thank you so much.

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