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Realionaire trillanthropist creating the entrepreneurial soundtrack. Music Return On Investment

Born in Scarborough, ON Canada Benson’s love for numbers started at age 5 when he learned to count to 1 million. After showing a gift for investing at age 12 musical influences started entering his life. Only a select few spoke to Benny’s love for jazz, lyrical hip hop, R&B, soca, and reggae. After several years working behind the scenes as a creative director and content writer

Benson combined his experiences and talents to tell his story of being a first generation self made entrepreneur inspired by the world around him. Some of the few artists Benson was inspired by as he channels their energy in his music is Drake, Jay-Z, MF Doom, RPB and Andre 3000. 
 His ability to inspire audiences with his message and lyrics can be heard booming from cars to boardroom offices. Broadway Benson has been having a different conversation with his music and the world is waking up to listen.




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