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American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer

Hana (born July 11 is An American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Hana began recording music in 2006, with the help of producers and writers Ben Moody and Michael “Fish” Herring. In 2013, she chose to take a break from recording to focus on learning music production. In 2015, she re-emerged on the music scene with the single “Clay”; now recording under the mononym Hana. Her debut body of work as Hana, the self-titled Hana EP (2016), saw her explore a more electronic style. In November 2019, Hana released her second studio album, Hanadriel. The album was made in four weeks, and the creation process was live streamed by Hana via Twitch.

Hana was born July 11, , in Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah when she was six years old. Hana began performing live at the age of. She would play at local cafés and book stores in Billings, Montana, and at the local farmers’ market each weekend.

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Hana was discovered in 2005 after a video of her performing in Montana reached producers and writers Michael “Fish” Herring and Ben Moody. She began working with the pair on her debut album in April 2006, while she was a senior in high school. In May 2008, Hana revealed that she had been signed to Ben Moody’s new record label, FNR Records. She was the first artist signed to the label, which was created specially to release her debut album later that month. Later that month, she released her first recording effort, an extended play titled Hana.

In December 2008, Hana shared a song titled “Need”, and began campaigning to have it included in the film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The ultimately unsuccessful campaign was referred to as “Need for New Moon” Her debut single, “Need” was officially released as Hana’s debut single in June 2009. In June 2009, she released an extended play titled Live in the Studio. It features live versions of seven tracks, including “These Two Hands” and “Just a Phase” from the Hana EP, a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”, and four new songs from her then-upcoming album. In 2011, she entered and won a contest held by American rock band Incubus, which involved recording a version of their song “Promises, Promises” based only on the sheet music.

Hana took a break from her music in 2013 to learn music production and change the direction of her music. In May 2015, she released “Clay”, her first song as Hana, which received praise from fellow female singer-songwriters Grimes and Lorde. She toured with Grimes throughout 2016, releasing her third new single, “Underwater” on March 25, 2016. Hana has since released her first body of work since rebranding, the self-titled EP HANA, on March,.


Hana and Grimes released a video series called The AC!D Reign Chronicles in October 2016. It is composed of seven music videos filmed over two weeks in Europe. In 2017, the pair collaborated on a cover of Tegan and Sara’s “Dark Come Soon” They contributed the track to the compilation Tegan Sara Present the Con X: Covers. In November 2018, Hana featured on Grimes’ single “We Appreciate Power” She also produced a “nightcore” remix of the song “Here Comes the Rain Again”

On August 14, 2019, Hana released a new single titled “Black Hole”. It was her first release as lead artist since her self-titled EP in 2016. On September 20, she announced that she would be live streaming the making of her upcoming second album via Twitch. The live streams took place over the course of the following four weeks. The album, Hanadriel, was released on November 6, 2019. Between October 2019 and April 2020, she released several tracks with other artists.

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