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Jaap Stamina - I'm Gone OUT NOW!!!!!


Grew Up Working Class & Proud Synthwave / Synth Pop / House Music From KENT

A Canterbury-Born DJ Jaap Stamina is a Multi-Genre Producer of Tropical House, Big Room, Synthwave and House who grew up between two worlds: His family’s deep ties to Psychedelia & 80s new romantics and the years he spent soaking up house and Trance music in London. His Sound Engineering skills, deft arrangements, have landed him in the spotlight in the UK, garnering critical acclaim from BBC Introducing Music, and Elevate Reviews dubbing Jaap as “As Potential Household Name in the years to come”



Jaap’s Career didn’t start as a career until March of 2020 but made a few tracks in the late 00’s such as ‘I can’t build it’ or ‘Night Choice’ via Myspace and Youtube racking over 50,000 streams at the time but took a break in 2009 to raise a family.


Since then, He’s gone on to release Debut EP ‘Power’, Singles Feel The Music and Tea. His Debut wove between hard-hitting nightclub Basslines with Danny Dyer and more Psychedelia in nature with Deep House tracks such as Reflection. Currently Jaap has took a decidedly different direction working on his Debut Album with Heart of Gold, with the first single being released on the 10th February 2021 choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles, in order to convey a wider array of emotions and topics.


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