Jasmin Reid

Musician Jasmin is a Singer/ Songwriter from Scotland

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Jasmin Reid is a singer-songwriter based in the outskirts of Glasgow. She presents a complementing blend of Country, Pop and Rock influences in her music. Jasmin shows great potential for a career within the Scottish Music Industry, boasting a unique style, an impressive vocal ability and constructive songwriting skills.


She is musically educated, having earned her HND in music at New College Lanarkshire and is currently achieving her degree in Commercial Music at The University of the West of Scotland. This highlights her knowledge, expectations and experience of maintaining a career in the current Scottish Music Industry.


She has been performing since the age of 14 and has performed at various well-known venues such as Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow’s O2 ABC and Òran Mór.


Her unique style and vocal ability are what separates her from other competitors in Glasgow’s solo performers category. Jasmin takes influence from various genres, including artists such as ZZ Ward, Carrie Underwood and Nickelback.

Jasmin released her debut single ‘Perfect Bitch’ in September of 2020. She releases her content primarily on Spotify, Facebook and Bandcamp.

Jasmin Reid

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Perfect Bitch
This was the first song released by Jasmin. It is available on Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud now!
Venue Name
Countypop Soundcloud
I Feel Lucky
Venue Name
CountryPop Soundcloud


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