Johanna Saint-Pierre is a French / English singer, amazing pianist and talented songwriter in electro, soul & jazz pop music. She is an international pop artist who likes exploration in music like Goldfrapp or Kate Bush. She has released 3 electro-pop albums, 2 soul pop Eps produced by the Grammy’s Award producer Brian Bacchus (many Awards for Gregory Porter, signed A&R for Blue Note Norah jones),1 EP in deep house with MKL ( (3 generations walking), and some electro remixes. She collaborates with prestigious DJs and producers between Paris, London and New York.

Published on 5/5/2022

She has more than 1,500 monthly plays certified by radios worldwide. In April, she just released her new single “Don’t Stop the Music” from her new Album which is coming soon! Produced by the great French/English producer and composer Nicolas Bulostin (producer, mix and reccording for Elton John, Georges Michael, Laurent Garnier).

Today Anna & Colin from MX-Fusion sit down with Johanna Saint-Pierre and PR manager, Muriel from Web Imagine Service:

(mXf//Colin) It’s really great to have you with us. We’ve been looking forward to this for a while. So I’m very excited to meet you, and I appreciate your time today.
I thought I’d start off by saying congrats! I noticed in the past couple of years you’ve been very prolific, and you’ve grown a lot. And I was curious, what are your thoughts on that? Like, what do you think has kind of led to your recent growth and, and your surge in popularity here?

(Johanna) Oh, thank you very much. It’s true, that since a long time now I’m doing pop music. And I have about, now 53 songs on Spotify. I have 3 albums and 3 EPS. And now I have a new album who is coming this year. But I didn’t communicate a lot. But since maybe five years, I started to give my music to some French radios and Belgium radios and they liked it. And after I tried to start to communicate with Playlister for Spotify. And after then, since now one year, I’m working with Muriel from Web Imagine Service, Hello Muriel! And we communicate a lot for radio worldwide. And for Spotify, certified curators, but more like independent artists because I’m an Indie Artist. I’m working with little labels between New York and Paris, but not with major labels. So it’s really I think, it’s really great to see that by yourself you can grow up on networks , on Spotify, on web radios or more, better, bigger radios. If you find also people who can help your team like you Colin and Anna with MX-Fusion. Thank you and it’s true that at the beginning I started with vinyls, I produced myself my vinyls and it was for DJ’s, but, so it was more electronic. And after I did a first pop album in French and after I started to sing in English and even my first vinyl is in French, Japanese, and English. I love to try different languages. It’s funny.
Colin the name of my first vinyl is Electronic Superstar:

(Johanna) Yeah, it’s true that at the beginning, it was in the year 2000, Electronic Superstar was my first vinyl on my name Johanna Saint-Pierre. It was deep house music. And after with this vinyl, I went to New York City because I have some family there. And a lot of DJ’s loved my Maxi. And after I worked in New York with different producers there in electronic music, and especially in deep house. I signed with Ibadan it was great, a great underground label with Jephté Guillaume. And Jephté Guillaume was the bass player of people like Destiny’s Child, Wyclef Jean. So it was amazing for me to work with this kind of great musicians in New York. More recently when I was in New York I was with my DJ’s friend, MKL, who’s playing my music, and introduced me to Mr. Brian Bacchus , A huge jazz producer, who’s the producer of Gregory Porter, for Liquid Spirit. And who signed Norah Jones on Blue Note. I had one of my last CD’s in my bag. And he said “Wow, OK great I’m going to listen to it”. And after, he sent me an email and said “Yes, we can do something, but more soul music, if you want”. And I said, okay, great, great. So we worked together. And he really wanted for me, a club soul jazz style. And it’s true, that when I was a teenager I studied music, classical music. And I’m really a musician. I started, really when I was six years old, as a pianist, singer, and so I did my classical music classes. And I made a jazz school in Paris. But after I played for different people as a singer, as a background vocals, and keyboardist and pianist, and my first band was a rock band. . And we played for the Rolling Stone at the Olympia, we opened for the Rolling Stones. So it was magic for me to start like that. But when I wanted to make my music in solo, I wanted to do some electronic music because I felt that , you know, in Paris, it was really the French Touch who was awsome . You know, with Air, with Daft Punk, Saint-Germain, with Cassius, Bob Sinclar, Dimitri from Paris, Laurent Garnier, Erik Rug. The french touch was very strong. it was really new. So I really wanted something new with new music. And I liked Rock-and-Roll and Jazz, but I wanted something else. I think that with Brian Bacchus, it was really, really good for me to make these 2 EP’s more traditional. And he asked me to do 2 covers of Stevie Wonder, not so well known. “Sensuous Whisper” , the public don’t know about this song. And the other “Power Flower” is more more famous, it’s A soundtrack. And Brian was very happy that we made these records. And in New York, we played with Louis Cato, I had the French pianist Rémi Amblard. And in the second EP, there was Sherrod Barnes in the band who’s a great amazing guitar player who played with Whitney Houston, with RobertA Flack, more recently with AYO.
Yes, yes, definitely. My last EP is a compilation of several electro remixes Of my songs, you can find it on all platforms. It’s not on vinyl yet, not on CD. It’s only on digital platforms and on my Bandcamp too, and it’s called “Unit”. It’s a collection of singles, and vocal mixes, and it’s remixed. I did the remixes with A great DJ, MKL. He’s living in Brooklyn, New York. the songs are in French and English. I hope you’re going to discover it. It’s very electronic. It’s very underground and from New York. it’s deep house. And it’s cool to chill, and dance , and I hope you’re going to like it.
Yeah, exactly. That is in the EP “Unit”. So you’re going to discover the other songs there is “She Loves Two Men”and “En Jaguar Beige”, “En Jaguar Beige” means Jaguar it’s the same name.

(Muriel) Yes, it means brown jaguar.

(Johanna) Yes Jaguar the car, nice car, LOL with my French accent. In fact the first collaboration we did was on “En Jaguar Beige” I think, and after “She Loves Two Men”, and we released it on his own label Lion1Music, and we released it on Beatport and Tracksource. And I said to him, so at least I want to release it on my name with the label where I am for a long time ago, Lilihouse Music. It’s on Staten Island. And he said OK, so I said OK and I want to release the older songs with the new ones and I think it’s perfect, it’s a match, it’s wow; I’m really happy about this release.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, for sure. And I was wanting to ask a little bit more about Alice like, where the inspiration for the song came from?

(Johanna) We were at a party, a big party, it was the Body and Soul party. Body and Soul is a great party from New York City. It’s 3 DJ’s, very famous in New York, François K, Joaquin Claussell, and Danny Krivit. They went in Paris. And we went dancing with friends there. MKL was in Paris too, for some gigs. And I saw, it was funny because I saw a French girl. Very nice woman. And she really, really wanted one of my friends. And she said to him after all the night, you have to come with me, wow. I said “Wow”, the power of the dance floor! And because, she wanted him, you know. So I said to MKL, we’re going to write a song about this story because this woman, she had a husband, but the husband was not at home. He was on vacation for a few days. So we said “Wow”. And so we wrote “switch your personality with your sexuality”. It means you can switch. You know it’s too strong. Sometimes you can, maybe you’re married or maybe, I don’t know, you’re with someone, but finally you’re going to change the way, because you’re too hot. It starts on the dance floor. That’s, well yeah. It was a very good party. But finally, I knew the end of the story of Alice, because that’s her name, and she is a French girl, a French woman. Finally she stayed, she stayed after with her husband. So the lovers, yeah maybe was like just two or three nights together and something happened.

(mXf//Colin) That’s what usually happens.

(Johanna) It’s a one short story on the dance floor.But they were friends after, you know, it’s when you are adult, to sexually tease is…

(Muriel) Like a kid’s game, yeah?

(Johanna) Not a kid’s game, no no no. Sexuality when you’re on the dance floor, something can happen. Anything can happen, yeah.

(mXf//Colin) I would say especially if your music is playing.

(Johanna) Ohhh thank you Colin. And you know the lyrics of Michael Jackson song, he said Billie Jean it’s not my kid, I am the one, but the kid is not my son. So you know, you meet her on the on the dance floor. And they had the story. And now she’s coming back. And she said that her son is from him, he’s the father. But he says no, it’s not me!

(mXf//Colin) Absolutely. I was also wondering, if I go back you touched on it earlier about the the Rolling Stones and I think it was with Laplace, is that right? I might pronounce it wrong?

(Johanna) Oh, Laplace. The name of the band? Yes, this rock band, and it was a really good band. And we had a chance to do the Rolling Stones, and it was at the Olympia. The Olympia in Paris is a small concert hall. So the Rolling Stone was in a big stadium before, and then they said OK we want to do a little show. We stayed like a few days more in Paris, and we want to do a film at the Olympia for a private show. But they sayed to fans that they could buy some tickets during one hour. And so some lucky people had Their tickets to come to this concert. And it was amazing, there was Jerry Hall, there were so many people. Jack Nicholson. You know, it was amazing to work with, for me to work with the Rolling Stones. I was a kid, I was 23 years old, something like that.
La Place –

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, I got into it because it was interesting for me. I wanted to ask you for your influences? I guess this band also influenced you for your future music. But what were your basic influences as an artist? I mean music.

(Johanna) Yeah, sure. I love pop music, of course pop music from England. Because it’s true that France is near England, so it’s always pop music from UK. There are so good, you know? So we all grew up with pop music from the 80’s, the 90’s. I love Bjork, Portishead , Radiohead. Morsheeba, Goldfrapp. A lot of 90’s I think. and Massive Attack. Wow, English musicians are really, really good. But it’s true that from the 80’s I loved the music like Talking Heads. Talking Heads, it’s American I think so. Yeah. And I love the American music, of course, jazz music. And I love your soul music. I love the Motown music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. I love Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield.

(mXf//Colin) And I think it’s interesting you mentioned Motown, because I think it’s underrated. Like even Prince, Prince got started there, very much influenced by that kind of style, that background. So, you know, it’s a huge influence throughout the musical history. And it’s cool to see you you pick up on that as well.

(Johanna) Yeah, it’s true. I love Prince, and I love the musician girls who played with him. Sheila E, and Wendy and Lisa. Do you remember? It was Prince and the Revolution. And The Revolution were girls. They were musicians, Wendy and Lisa. They were playing piano keyboards and guitar.

(mXf//Colin) Guitar, I remember that, yeah.

(Johanna) And Sheila E was on drums. She was the best drummer, you know?

(mXf//Colin) Yeah!

(Johanna) Percussion, not drums, percussion. I think I’m very lucky because I still have the passion . And it makes me happy all the time. All the day to make music. I think when you’re a musician, it’s a chance. So I like to practice my piano, but I like the creation, I like to create songs, I like singing too. You know, I’m actually, it seems since 10 years ago, I’m with the Paris gospel choir.

(mXf//Colin) I saw a little bit about it, I hadn’t heard it. I think I saw that on your website?

(Johanna) Yeah. So this is the master, Georges Seba , is from France and Africa, from France, Paris and Cameroon. And he’s a big master of Gospel. And so we’re singing American Gospel, French Gospel And African Gospel. And he’s very, very famous in Africa and in France, too. So, I sing at the church with him and we do a lot of TV shows for a lot of singers to hear. So here for example we did the TV for Pharrell Williams. So we did TV shows for the song “Happy” when he came here, with Pharrell Williams, and it was amazing to sing with these great artist from America. I love Pharrell Williams, he’s a great artist. It’s true that “Happy”, that song was crazy. And it’s really a beautiful song. . So I’m really happy to sing with the choir, so I can practice my voice, I can sometimes do a big show with the choir and sometimes with a big artist on TV, who comes from France or Africa or America. And so yeah, I have the passion of the music because every day is changing, it can be to go to rehearsal with the choir or for me on studio, or to do a gig, work with Muriel and be interviewed and with you and speaking about music, and its artists life. I love it. I hope that is going to to keep going like this

(Muriel) It will improve, better and better! I think so.

(mXf//Colin) For sure. And the gospel is amazing. Gospel draws people together, yeah?

(Johanna) Yeah, it’s amazing. That’s why maybe when I met Brian, he heard that it’s something that I was maybe doing, that I was a special musician. Because you know, Brian Bacchus when he met Norah Jones or Gregory Porter, they all come from gospel too. I love Stevie Wonder, all your great musicians, even Elvis Presley comes from the church.

(mXf//Colin) That’s a good point. You know, I had forgotten about that. That’s a good one. Yeah, a lot of people, even I had not, don’t always think about that. So yeah, it really does get people started.

(Johanna) So maybe it’s God or maybe it’s something, yeah, in church for a musician. It’s really inspiring, inspiring me. And I love to sing in the choir, and it’s true we sing Jesus, and I love it.

(mXf//Colin) Amazing! Yeah, and I love the collaboration. I think that’s kind of also been a huge, like, pillar of your career, right? Collaborating. And maybe gospel is a part of that? Or maybe that’s what sparked that collaboration throughout your career? I was curious how you get to meet so many interesting artists and different genres and work with them together?

(Johanna) Yes thank you for your question Colin. I am very lucky to live in Paris where international musiciens are. I’ ve heard recently that Lenny Kravitz was living in Paris ! You see, Paris is a very atractive city!Nicolas Bulostin, my new producer just came from London because of the brexit. He saw me in a Facebook live and wanted to meet me. I was in reality his neighbor. You see the Power of Paris ! And now so we release a new single “Don’t Stop the Music”, it’s coming on all platforms the 29 of April. Nicolas Bulostin is a huge producer. He recorded in England with Elton John, George Michael, super great artists like that. And so we produced an album and the first single is coming now. And on this album I’m going to have some great musician like the bass player of Jamiroquai, Paul Turner. I have the bass player of the Pink Floyd, whose name is Guy Pratt. So I’m very lucky because now I’m working with great musicians from UK. I have as a guitar player, Tony Remy who is a very good, great, great guitar player, jazz player, who play for Annie Lennox and for Omar. So I’m very lucky. And I did between, I was not in studio in UK because we were in quarantine. So we make back and forth and for the recording, we sent waves from Paris and recorded at home and they sent the waves too after we mixed it, and so this album with the first single “Don’t Stop the Music” means don’t stop the music again. Because I don’t know for you, but in Paris, they closed the clubs two times. And even in restaurants, you couldn’t wake up to dance, and no concerts and it was horrible for musicians. It was just a nightmare. You know, it was; wow. And so I said don’t stop the music. And I hope you’re going to like the song. And as you like electronic music, I’m preparing with different DJs, some remixes, I think it’s very important. So for musicians, yes, it was really, really horrible. But I was lucky to meet this new producer, Nicolas Bulostin. And he said, I just am now in Paris and I’m locked down and I can’t go back to London. And he appreciate my voice and I liked his sound. And so we worked together. We had a paper from his music company. I had a paper from him to go down the street and to see him because everything was locked, and it was difficult to work with other people at this time. And you’re going to discover soon, I think next month, a video clip of Olivier Boscovitch. He’s making actualy the video clip of “Don’t Stop the Music”. And Olivier Boscovitch is a great artist. He made all the visuals and a lot of video clips of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, do you know these French artists?

(mXf//Colin) I don’t think so, no?

(mXf//Anna) David Guetta, yes of course.

(Johanna) Yeah, David Guetta, you know him. It’s more, it’s like pop dance, he’s a DJ.

(Muriel) Yes, it’s electro-pop music. But it’s more for a wider audience.

(mXf//Colin) More like mainstream?

(Johanna) Yeah, like a remixer. He recently remixed people like Rihanna. And it’s big, for the biggest radios. And Bob Sinclar did some big hits too, and he’s a very famous DJ. It’s true that with the French Touch, more DJ’s are famous, you know, like Daft Punk.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, Daft Punk, they just stopped. What was it last year? My favorite.

(Johanna) Oh, you like it? You know? Oh, yeah, absolutely. And yeah, DJ; so me I’m different. I’m a singer, a pianist. It’s different.

(mXf//Colin) I see, yeah. Well, you can be more broad I think so. Like more range, yeah? I was curious about your songwriting too, because the languages you know, and like you were saying earlier, French, Japanese English. If I’m not wrong, even in Alice there’s English and French, yeah? So I like that it makes it more sensual. But English is kind of, you know how do you decide? Is it just natural for you? Or how do you decide which languages to use?

(Johanna) When I sing in English, it’s more international. And in France, the music is more chanson française, is more French song or french rap now. We had french pop music in the 80s. Like, Etienne Daho, Rita Mitsouko, we had Indochine.

(Muriel) Today we have Christine and the Queen.

(Johanna) Stromae is from Belgium. And me, I’m more pop, I’m more jazz. And so on radios here it’s not so easy. They like my songs, but sometimes it’s not enough. So I said Oh, maybe I have to sing in English? To maybe try to find my own sound with my French accent. It’s like Bjork: she had this beautiful accent, strange accent. So why not me?

(mXf//Colin) For sure, but yeah it has a really deep sensuality to music. I really like it, very unique. Especially in electronica, I’ve never heard that mix before. And it ties in even the jazzy because the French language somehow bridges I think and makes the jazz work with electronica, whereas otherwise it might clash.

(Muriel) “Crush on You” especially!

(Johanna) Yeah, “Crush on You”. “Don’t Stop the Music” has a French version and an English version, you’re going to listen. Both choruses are in English, but the verses one is in French and the other version is all in English. Because my PR for radios in UK said to me no Johanna, there is too much French verses; we need English, all English. So now I have both versions.

(mXf//Colin) We want to hear the French one! Is that going to be on Spotify also?

(Johanna) Yeah, exactly. So I’m releasing them both, so OK, cool.

(mXf//Colin) Because I have a feeling I would like the French one better.

(Johanna) You will tell me! Do you understand some French?

(mXf//Colin) Oh no, no, no. Not at all.

(Johanna) But you like the sound?

(mXf//Colin) Yes, I can feel the music, there’s the passion, like sometimes I kind of like that, especially for background music. It’s very nice!

(Johanna) Oh really?

(mXf//Colin) I can feel it, and yeah I can get into the zone and focus if I’m doing some work. I can have that in the background it doesn’t distract me, and it’s very nice.

(Johanna) Oh, thank you very much. It’s true that Brian Bacchus says to me the same things. In the two EP’s we have two French songs, we have in the New York Summer Sessions “Dans le Ciel” which is in French, it’s a ballad. And in the second EP, you have “Crush on You” that is all in French too, except the word “Crush on You”.

(mXf//Colin) OK, cool. And, you know you have very strong vocals, and you mentioned piano. I’m curious, how does that tie into your songwriting? Like, when you write a new song? Do the words come first? Or the melody comes first? How does it all come together?

(Johanna) Um, first it’s the music, the chords. I mean, the chords or sometimes with an instrumental if I’m working with a Beatmaker. And yeah for the two EP’s produced with Brian Bacchus I was working with Rémi Amblard. So I said, OK I have some chords and after I had this melody, and after he made the arrangements he said “OK, I have this instrumental, do you like it?” I said, Oh, this one not this one, yes, I love it. And after I built the melody, even after we built a song with the melody and all the instrumental, and after I do the lyrics. But for the new album with Nicolas Bulostin, I can tell that Nicolas is a really good beat maker so first he gave me some instrumental and I said OK this one, this one, this one. And after we did the melodies and the lyrics together, and it’s a really really good collaboration. And after he said to me “OK, with lyrics I can help you more if it’s in English too”, because as you know I’m French. Brian Bacchus for the EP’s said to me “OK now can you work with a songwriter, an American songwriter? I found this beautiful songwriter, American songwriter from North Carolina.” She was in Paris, and a friend introduced me. And her name is Valorie Miller. And so she wrote with me the lyrics of the two EPs, especially “Freedom From Politicians”. And so after, she invited me to make a tour with her in North Carolina. So I came to play my songs on piano, both keyboard and voice, and she was on guitar; she was more country. And, we did a little tour and I played in solo in New York too. And I still have my ticket to go back, but I didn’t use it because of the quarantine again, I’m not coming this summer but soon I have to see the plan. It was very hard to see this, what’s happened with the world and now we have this war. We have the war near Europe, you know that? Wow.
And for you the quarantine, it was hard too?

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, absolutely, it was terrible. We couldn’t go anywhere. It was like stuck inside for a year; I don’t even know what is outside anymore. It’s crazy.

(mXf//Anna) In Poland it wasn’t that much at the very beginning. They close even the forest, when we have like 100 cases of Covid, they close the forest. But at the end, people completely didn’t care and like, from what I know, less than half Polish people are vaccinated. So here people didn’t care that much to this extent, like, I know that was in France or in the US. So yeah, it wasn’t that bad. From what I heard it wasn’t that bad here as other places.

(Johanna) Yeah. What is hard is when you have friends who are dead, dying. We have a neighbor in New York. She was very young, 38 years old. But in France I have a neighbor who died too but she was more older…

(mXf//Anna) So maybe a different question now, are you maybe doing other forms of art and music? It’s only the music? Or maybe you are creating a form of art?

(Johanna) No, I’m really a musician, I’m born musician, I’m a complete musician. That’s why it’s a pleasure for me to work with other artists, like producers or other musicians. With other musicians, artists for visuals, graphics, photographer, film director, and I like to work with other people who’s doing different things like my manager.

(Muriel) For instance, working with painters and featuring artists with paintings and music.

(Johanna) Yeah Lady in Pictures, she brought me a lot. It’s on Instagram. And she collaborates with musicians, and painters, photographs.By the way thank you Colin for your image you put on my song Alice

(Muriel) And she’s inside herself, in the frame. Yes, she could show us herself as a picture in the frame. But with the music, from artists like Johanna, and from Indie Painters, and all these different artworks are meeting together, melting together, it’s a great collaboration you know.

(Johanna) It’s true that for pop music, or even jazz music, or classical, but more for pop music I think visual arts are really important! Especially in the 70’s in New York when you can see that Lou Reed was working with Andy Warhol in the factory. And when Andy Warhol was drawing cover for Rolling Stones. And great artists like David Bowie you can see he’s a painter and expressing as well himself with photographers, with costumes for the stage that he draw himself . With pop music you can dream, you can dream with other artists, you can imagine shows and covers for records and there are so many possibilities to express yourself, the whole universe. I have my own universe, but it’s not easy, I think, for some fans, because sometimes I’m doing a Jazz album, or an Electronica album. But I really like a singer like Kate Bush, because she was playing like rock and jazz more recently. She has no limit, I think, yeah?

(Muriel) Yes, she’s quite versatile, yeah.

(Johanna) Or you can take an artist like Bjork. She did some jazz cover a little bit crazy. She was with a punk band before, and it’s true that her style with her cover and on stage with all the installation crazy she’s, wow, she’s an artist.

(mXf//Colin) Yeah, super creative. Super crazy!

(Muriel) And unexpected.

(Johanna) Exactly.

(mXf//Anna) Not only that, I saw on the internet some cool photo sessions of yours. And I hope that we’ll be able to see more of these sessions because I see only few pictures. But it’s very beautiful.

(Johanna) Yeah, thank you, thank you so much. Colin, send me a message to tell me wich sessions is it and I will send you some more. Yes I’m working with good photographers, because in Paris you have the fashion, the fashion is really high level. And so I met some great photographers. Fashion like, Christian Kettiger from Switzerland, and he worked with a magazine like Vogue. He’s one of my neighbors. If you’re in the center of Paris you can meet a lot of musicians, and photographers, and artists. And the photographer of “Unit”, his name is Ben Dauchez. Yeah, we did this picture on Marocco. But he’s very famous, he takes people like Iggy Pop and Marion Cotillard. So yes, it’s great to live in Paris for that. And in New York, DJ MKL did the first cover, not the cover I released now, but the cover you find on his label Lion1Music for the song we did together “She Loves Two Men” and “En Jaguar Beige”, he’s the photographer. So he did the first covers. On one of the cover I’m naked with 2 men, but it’s the same guy in fact. It’s funny, “She Loves Two Men”. And the other, “En Jaguar Beige”, it’s a very nice picture. It’s dark. But for “Unit”, for the new releases I wanted something more clear, more shining?

(Muriel) Bright, bright.

(Johanna) Yeah bright! Because of the quarantine, I wanted something happy, positive and happy.

(mXf//Colin) Well it’s such a pleasure to meet you! I hope we get to talk again someday soon. I know you’ve got your new releases coming up, like “Don’t Stop the Music”. So I’m very much looking forward to that; what else should we be looking forward to?

(Muriel) OK, so my name is Muriel, I’m Joanna’s PR manager. And I will explain you where and how to follow Johanna. First on social networks, she’s everywhere. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now she’s very new on TikTok. So we celebrate, I think it’s the 2nd week of activity for TikTok. And Bandcamp! Now dealing with some music, so she’s mainly present in the major music platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp.

(Johanna) And on Bandcamp, it’s my own shop, record shop. So you can buy the CDs or Singles, or digital.

(mXf//Colin) OK, great! Yeah, that’s really good.

(Muriel) You have the Bandcamp Fridays to do that, yeah. OK we have, also it’s on Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube.

(Johanna) Subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I have my own channel. Because when you you work with distributors they do their channels. But I have my channel. So it’s easy to find.

(Muriel) Johanna Saint-Pierre, just have to find it and search for it on YouTube. And also on Tidal, she’s on Tidal too, and Apple Music, and everywhere you can find her as Johanna Saint-Pierre.

(mXf//Colin) OK, awesome, thank you so much!

(Muriel) And MX-Fusion!

(Johanna) So thank you very much, Colin and Anna. And I now know you are the team of MX-Fusion. Yeah, wow; I love your logos, , I love your area of work. Can you explain me what are you doing exactly? So you’re doing playlist, you interview artists?

(mXf//Colin) We love to interview because we like to promote Indie Artists. So we really like Indie Artists. And we like to celebrate Indie Artists, and promote them and work with them. Our app is about enjoying music. So that’s why like when you listen to the music it plays pretty photos, so helps you to just enjoy the music. Like if you’re working and you’re listening to music, you can put your phone next to you and enjoy the music more. It also works on big screen. Like if you put MX-Fusion on your TV, then it will play the photos so it makes the music more enjoyable. So it is about enjoying music, celebrating music. And I like the Indie Artists, you know because I have a passion for music. And so it fits in with with passion, enjoying music, and things like that.

(Johanna) Wow, great! We found a music lover, a lover of music. Yes. music lover. It’s so important in life. Wow. Yes, thank you so much.

(Muriel) Thank you MX-Fusion, thank you Johanna!

(Johanna) Thank you Colin and Anna, thank you for your time. Where do you live exactly?

(mXf//Colin) I’m in Orange County, California. And Anna is in Poland.

(mXf//Anna) Yeah, thank you so much! And wish you that the music does not stop again, we hope that everything will be OK from now.

(Muriel) OK, thank you very much.

(Johanna) I would love to see you, OK? Well, maybe in New York. Maybe in California, but I don’t have family in California. I would love to play in California one day.

(mXf//Colin) We would love to have you here, absolutely! Looking forward to it, and have a great day!

(ALL) Take care. Thank you so much. Bye bye