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All about sad songs

Sad songs writer based in Manchester, England

Lossline are a band formed in 2020.When they started writing they had no ambitions to record an album.The songs grew organically after being send forward and back again through the internet.Lossline didn’t even realise that they had writter an album until a friend told them they had.Taking influences from UK and American folk such as Conor Oberst.Fionn Regan rock such as The National,Deer Tick indie such as Bill Ryder-Jones and alternative music they make sad songs that rarely get above 120bpm.Lossline are working on their new material during 2021 with a change in dynamics that focuses more on a live sound.


Popular Releases

EP54 – 30.07.21
The Past Was Yours – Ocean Colour Scene – Marchin’ Already
The Future’s Mine – Lossline
Timeless Melodies – David Potts (Monaco / Peter Hook & the Light)



This show was 50th in the global indie rock chart.



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