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Sergio ambition


I’m a rapper and beatmaker check out mixtape subscribe,-Atlanta,Ga



Born in Eastpoint, Georgia but raised in Cleveland Avenue, Georgia his whole childhood life.


Sergio Ambition were only 11 years old when he ask his uncle to teach him how to rap and tell his story. By all those years watching his mother, uncle in a real studio recording and spending money to invest into theirs project, he knew been a rapper were something he wanted to do. From then he kept writing and learning more as time went by, 25 years old he went to guitar center and spent all the money save for to get a house, and invested in studio equipment.



In 2017 he drop his first mixtape The King’s Home Vol.1 where he got beats off youtube but had people like fewbeats and deejaybeats giving him beats to put his story too.


Now in the following years he busy trying to build a fanbase and he drop a EP title Out 4 Da Count 2020 is a new year for sergio he turnt 31 years old now and have songs on spotify and his website



His goal will be to drop a 100 songs in 2020 and promote the ones that mean some to him more to try to get it add on to playlist. As a CEO he understand he will have to put in the leg work to get his music notice.



He also had revamp the kings home 1 into an album with new beats and hook and extra songs to the list. Look for that project in year 2020 with the kings home 2 and belivican world album dropping be prepared he coming soon. 


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