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MX FUSION Streaming Player is a newly launched streaming player and grab the focus of new Singles/musicians/upcoming artists/Independent music creators to promote the work absolutely free. Now you don’t have to pay for showcasing your work as we have a number of playlists to feature your music through our music player. We have all genreContinue reading “FREE SPOTIFY PROMOTION-”


How to Upload your own Google photos and get a customized playlist on Spotify?

Today onwards, Spotify users globally will be able to upload their own photography and can create their own playlists with the theme-based photographs from your Google album-just in one click. Now, all Spotify users can upload unique photo albums from their Android devices or desktop. This is basically the new photo-music fusion streaming player. ThisContinue reading “How to Upload your own Google photos and get a customized playlist on Spotify?”

mxf Inspires with #storied #scenery

Love the movin #melodies in  #Flapjaques | #aquajetjet! And mXf inspires with #storied #scenery – Check out our Music Photo Fusion ūüé∂ūüďłūüé∂ūüé∂

MXf Inspires with the glorious club mix scenery

We dig the¬†#funky¬†beats with upbeat¬†#rhythm¬†in¬†#DoctorDj¬†|¬†#2041! And mXf inspires with glorious¬†#club¬†mix¬†#scenery¬†– Check out our Music Photo Fusion ūüé∂ūüďłūüé∂ūüé∂ Also, check out our other social media handles-Subscribe & Follow : Instagram link Twitter link YouTube Channel Link Now “MX FUSION APP” is giving opportunity to all new “MUSIC ARTISTS” to display their music album through our APP. You just need to go to the following link to add your latest album to our playlist which we can featured through our APP to get you more “Listeners & Followers”. This isContinue reading

Apple Shaped Trackpad

As the first of¬†the major notebook/tablets to be released, compared to Chromebook and Windows Surface, the iPad also distinguished itself…

H2 v Li

The latest drone flight record has been set recently, this time for a continue flight time of 331 minutes! This record surpassed even the…

$3 is the new $19.95

Your typical reaction to being rudely awakened by yet another late night Ad is simply mashing the power button in annoyance. But this tim…

AR/VR Needs a Walkman

Christmas 2019 was a milestone for AR/VR. We saw one of the biggest jumps in AR/VR usage ever, at least in relative terms. Gaming continu…

Browser Wars – Security

It can be challenging to generate revenue streams from free software. In the early 2000s, Mozilla was in a sweet spot with Firefox. They w…

Remote Execution

Remote execution device functionality is entering a new era. Gadgets and devices are able to be controlled remotely apps on our. Househol…

Fan Art For Fun and Profit

Photo and video publishing and sharing are increasing level experience for shared content and user engagement. Google YouTube most popula…

Embrace the Side Hustle

Hobbies are increasing in popularity as a social experience. Craft candle making, knitting and sewing, as well as vastly increasing popul…

Quitting Facebook

There have been quite a few events recently that have catalyzed consumer interest in both privacy and security. These events are of a dif…

Let’s Talk Lasers

Surprisingly, the applications for lasers continue to innovative, even in our current world. In the case of smart glasses, instead of pro…

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