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How to Upload your own Google photos and get a customized playlist on Spotify?

Today onwards, Spotify users globally will be able to upload their own photography and can create their own playlists with the theme-based photographs from your Google album-just in one click. Now, all Spotify users can upload unique photo albums from their Android devices or desktop. This is basically the new photo-music fusion streaming player. ThisContinue reading “How to Upload your own Google photos and get a customized playlist on Spotify?”

Photo Slideshow with Music

The app Photo Slideshow with Music does just what its name suggests: allows you to use pictures stored on your Google Chrome or UNSPLASH to create slideshows with music from SPOTIFY. With this app, you can create slideshows with anywhere from two to fifty images & merge into any song of your choice. Use yourContinue reading “Photo Slideshow with Music”

mxf Inspires with #storied #scenery

Love the movin #melodies in  #Flapjaques | #aquajetjet! And mXf inspires with #storied #scenery – Check out our Music Photo Fusion 🎶📸🎶🎶https://mxf.rocks/20210405-f-zl

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