Notes of Unity

Published on 06/29/2023

As an indie R&B musician, Luna Everly has always dreamed of traveling the world and sharing her music with people across the globe. For some reason Luna was practically born with worldly aspirations, and from a young age was inspired by musicians who had the courage and passion to travel and perform across the globe. She was always dreaming of following in their footsteps, of experiencing new cultures and ways of life, and of using her music to inspire and connect with people on a global level. Of course it’s not easy to make these dreams come true as an independent artist. It’s so damn expensive! And starting from nothing takes a long long time. She felt like the biggest challenge of all was breaking through the noise and standing out in a crowded field. There are so many talented musicians out there, all vying for attention and recognition, it just feels impossible to make your voice heard.

So Luna focused on her community, building personal relationships with fans, other musicians, and local promoters. She continued to dream of unifying people from across the globe, starting out right at home by attending shows for inspiration, and her endless shout-outs on social media started to bring artists and fans together. She also put mega effort into creating high-quality music that was unique and authentic, with a sound and style that’s truly her own. She spent countless hours writing, rehearsing, and recording, always striving to improve her skills and create something that was truly special. But as an independent artist, Luna also had to fund her own recordings, marketing materials, not to mention equipment, all while juggling other jobs to make ends meet (hairnets anyone?). So she kept pushing herself to be the absolute best that she could be, and slowly but surely started to gain recognition of her own with a following in her hometown.

And then one day Luna received an invitation to perform at the Pulse Wave Music Festival in a foreign country! She was so thrilled at this chance to travel and share her music with the world! She booked the trip immediately, and threw herself into preparing for the concert. But then as the day of the festival approached Luna started feeling nervous, anxious. Would they even understand her music? Or appreciate her style of blues? And of course, making such a big trip wasn’t easy, there were visas to apply for, flights to book, and she still needed time to rehearse! Then she remembered first getting that email invitation, overcome with a mix of emotions, of excitement, disbelief, and most of all gratitude. That someone on the other side of the world had heard her music and was interested in booking her for shows was almost too good to be true. She even had to re-read the email a few times to make sure she wasn’t imagining things. Now, as the reality sank in, she felt a rush of excitement and adrenaline, and turmoil! The idea of traveling to a totally new country to perform on a global stage, and dealing with all the logistics in between, is more than a little bit daunting.

But then when Luna finally arrived she was struck by the beauty and energy of this new location. Immediately welcomed by warm and friendly people into a vibrant, eclectic music scene, she knew this was the chance she had been waiting for. The chance to take her music to a whole new level on the global scene, a dream come true that she was determined to make the most of. At the same time, she still felt a tinge of disbelief; could this be real? Was she really good enough? As those doubts crept in, she reminded herself of all the hard work and dedication that had gone into pursuing her passion for music. She knew she had earned this opportunity, with something unique and special to offer the world. And above all, she held a sense of gratitude, to the music promoter who had reached out, to her fans and supporters who had helped me along the way, and to the universe for bringing this incredible opportunity to life. As an indie musician this was a dream come true, and after all Luna has been working toward it for years. Her love of music and desire to share her unique art with the world would not not be deterred!

Nevertheless, she was naively surprised by the slog of international travel, let alone performing in a new country. Language barriers and new customs, along with general stress and uncertainty of making such a big trip for the first time really caught Luna off guard. Then there’s the simple challenges in setting up for the concert, like finding the right venue, coordinating with the promoter, and ensuring that everything was ready and in place for the big day. When she arrived at the hotel on the first day, waves of self-doubt began to fog her mind for a moment, especially as she prepared for the concert while at the same time wondering if she was truly ready to perform on the global scene? She had spent countless hours rehearsing and practicing, refining her setlist, and trying to anticipate any potential problems or challenges that might arise.

And yet in that stark moment Luna questioned the whole thing. Fortunately she was prepared, from the moment she received the invitation email she knew that she had to be at the top of her game if she wanted to make the most it. So from that very day she immersed herself in planning and preparing for every aspect of the trip, from booking travel arrangements and coordinating schedules, to rehearsing her setlist, even studying the local customs and culture. At the same time, she made sure to stay flexible; mentally prepared for any unexpected drama. So now, in the lull of this quiet hotel room moment, Luna just looked up and took a deep breath to prepare herself mentally, realizing that this was a big time first for her and her music. Despite being her own worst critic, Luna held her head high with positive mental mindset, and focused on the joy of sharing music to the world, pushing thoughts of what could go wrong out of her head.

Fortunately, she wasn’t in it alone. Luna’s mom has always been her number one fan, she even chipped in on the travel budget, and of course constant words of encouragement with good advice to help Luna prepare for the show. And as Luna always brags about in local interviews, her sister is her secret bandmate for life. She helped Luna get the choreography just right. Luna’s sister is really special, above and beyond; she actually came along on the trip to help out. Luna grabbed her sister for a warm hug as the sunset sparkled through the hotel windows, knowing that she would never have made it this far on her own.

As Luna stepped onto the stage the next day, and looked out at the sea of faces in the audience, she felt an even deeper sense of awe and humility. Here she was, a small-town musician, standing on the festival stage and sharing her music with people from all over the world. It was a surreal and magical moment, one that she would always cherish. Luna began to sing, and immediately felt a sense of connection with the audience that she had never experienced before. Despite all different backgrounds and cultures from across the globe, their common love for music resonated as Luna’s voice and lyrics united all. As she sang her songs, Luna was struck by the power of music to transcend language, culture, and borders. Despite many differences, the audience connected on a deep and emotional level through the universal language of music. It was a reminder that no matter where we come from or what language we speak, we all share a common humanity and a love for the power of music to inspire and uplift us.

All of Luna’s lifelong hard work and preparation totally paid off! The concert was a huge success, Luna felt an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. Invigorated and exhilarated by the crowd, her new found love for mega live performing motivated Luna to go all in. As she traveled to more countries and performed in front of more audiences, she could feel the power of music and the impact it has on people from all over the world. As her voice and words continued to transcend language barriers and cultural differences, Luna glowed in the joy of uniting fans on a global scale. She began to see travel not just as a means to fulfill her own desires, but as a way to bring people together and make a positive impact on the world. Over the course of several days, Luna played a series of concerts at the festival and the surrounding areas as well, performing her R&B songs to growing crowds of fans all coming together for the music. These performances transcended Luna herself, the power of hard work and dedication to her dreams turned into something bigger than just her. And she feels that responsibility now, to her fans, her music, and to a shared future dancing together across the globe.

Luna realized that as an artist, in fact all artists, have the power to inspire and unite others. And to all her fans out there, you too should know that travel and music have the power to change lives. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore new cultures and experiences. And for all musicians, all around the globe, use your platform to spread love, positivity, and share your unique message of hope, love, and unity with the world. Whether in person or simply connected through the power of music, know that this is just the beginning of a lifelong musical journey we all share.

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