Streaming music player with beautiful photos – a Fusion of Art and Music!

How to Upload your own Google photos and get a customized playlist on Spotify?

Today onwards, Spotify users globally will be able to upload their own photography and can create their own playlists with the theme-based photographs from your Google album-just in one click.

Now, all Spotify users can upload unique photo albums from their Android devices or desktop. This is basically the new photo-music fusion streaming player. This creativity into any tracks will get you a homemade playlist.

Whenever you are listening to music on Spotify, this app can help you gift a perfect playlist to your family or friends.

Here is how you can customize your playlist with photo-music app.

1.Click on the link given below.

2.Once you go to the link it will automatically connect to your spotify account.

3.Select the album/song of your choice you wanted to listen on spotify.

4.After choosing music on the left you will get the music album profile pic whether, on the top right of the profile pic, you will get an option to add your Google album into the song you selected. Click on it to merge Google photos.

5.Add your Google album to the song then it will merge automatically and the song will pick the same mood of photos from your your google photos according to the mood in song.

6.Now every time you choose any music/song, it will auto-play the photos of the same mood from your google photos album.

7.This way you can always save these customize photo-music albums in your playlist to listen to it in the future or share it among your friends.

Once you finish with the creation, this is the time to share it on all social media platforms. You just need to check on the photos album slideshows right-hand corner dot to share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter. Share it and make your friends glad to see your photography skills or else share the best moments with photo-music albums.

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