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Playlist Requests

NOTE: Watch Demo before submitting your tracks.

mXf Curated Playlists!

We would love to feature your music on our mXf Playlists! You can request your tracks to be featured on mXf Playlists.

Go to the Playlist Request Page:

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Spotify Music Submission

Steps to ADD MUSIC to the "mxf playlist"

1 step Search by “Artist name” or “ URL”
2 step Choose “a Song/Track”

3 step Click to “Add to mxf playlist” on the song
4 step Put your Twitter acct id/email and press “submit to the playlist”

Welcome all Music & Photography Lovers!!!

Help & Support in Retweeting the Tweet below to promote featuring musicians in my playlists.
We are open to all upcoming/unsigned/struggling artists/Singles to share the music of any genre. Currently, we can display Spotify artist’s work so all playlists are for the Spotify platform.
Latest Musicians Reviews!!!
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