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Bluetooth Headphones Are The Electric Guitar Of Mobile Tech

Does anyone ever forget their first live concert? Of course not. It’s a rite of passage for most teenagers. Getting into the venue and to your seat is a wild experience in and of itself for first timers. The opening act was completely unexpected, and you start wondering if all live music is this bad? Is the main performance gonna suck? But then the rock stars burst on stage, and blow your mind! Singing from the crowd is a surprise, can’t believe everyone knew the words. Such an audience audience makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself. Live shows are so epic! Sometimes with cannons or fireworks. Hearing on the radio, you never would have imagined the dancing and even gymnastics. You feel the beat with your whole body. Especially when the guitar solo comes on, reverberates through the entire crowd. 

It’s amazing to think, electric guitars being invented way back in the early 1930s, did not become a part of popular music until the mid ’50s. So popular even through today, why did it take so long for electric guitars to take off? Well just like many technologies that we take for granted once they become commonplace, the development and perfection was it long and arduous journey. However, many influential musicians of the early to mid 20th century were strong proponents of the electric guitar and helped keep development momentum going to refine the technology into a viable mainstream musical instrument. And when it finally did cross the threshold, the electric guitar made a huge impact, inventing entirely new genres and launching rock stars into the stratosphere! And for deeper insight into what guitar models support specific genres the best, our friends at BeginnerGuitarHQ have an insightful write-up.

Like electric guitars, wireless headphones were invented long before they became feasible to actually use, let alone popular. Believe it or not, the first wireless headphones we’re invented way way back in the 1960s, powered by good old-fashioned radio. More familiar with the kids these days is Bluetooth which was not even invented until the 1990s. But from there it was still quite the slog, first mobile phone with Bluetooth technology didn’t come to market until the turn of the century, and we didn’t have Bluetooth stereo until 2004 (!) Really, the first practical Bluetooth headsets only started to appear in the early 2010s. 

Now it’s finally time for that guitar solo moment. New players have taken the stage, with quality listening experiences to make wireless headphones a contender for the lead act. According to Tom’s Guide, Jabra is the front-runner to be a Superstar this summer. But it’s not necessarily a One Man Show. Samsung plays quite the enchanting melody, with innovative features and market leading quality. Lesser known AKG comes in with an interesting riff, owned by Samsung these days and yet their product is competing perhaps even superior to Samsung’s main line. A little expensive though; perhaps it’s a luxury play? And of course Apple is a steady performer, a little like the Bee Gees here – consistently good, if not oftentimes the best, and always super popular with mainstream consumers.

With these wireless headsets finally delivering the quality we deserve, the wireless advantage itself steals the show. Not having a cord it’s not just about the simple convenience. It’s about going the distance. Being free to move around as you wish. Not being tied up by a cord means you can pace while you focus during that intense conference call with the executive team overseas. Later on, when workday is done and you’re on your own then kick off that magic track and dance!

However, there are considerations before cutting that cord. Battery life can be a hidden gotcha, especially for mission critical audio like that late day interview conference call. Although less of a problem for our current generation of wireless headphones, Bluetooth reliability issues can sometimes rear it’s ugly head, especially in crowds. And for the audiophiles among us, quality quality quality, it might not be quite there just yet. (Did we mention quality?) But one fine day wireless headset quality will meet or even exceed the best of wired headsets. And for many of us, that day has already come. 

So this is full mobility for a mobile world. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is already becoming extinct. Corded headsets are not too far behind. With ever-increasing popularity of outdoor workouts, music on the go in everyday situations is even more a part of our everyday lives.  And the ability to easily switch and connect to multiple devices with the same headset provides even more freedom in our increasingly connected ecosystem. For many of us this further enables deep work experiences with streaming music off our phones to keep us in the zone as our creative endeavors flow through our laptops. 

We here at MX-Fusion are all about listening enjoyment. Whether on the go, on mobile devices, laptops, at home, at the office, or out and about. We are certainly enjoying the freedom of wireless listening lately! Dance baby dance!!

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Foreigner | Jukebox Hero – Live:

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