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Embrace the Side Hustle

Hobbies are increasing in popularity as a social experience. Craft candle making, knitting and sewing, as well as vastly increasing popularity of gaming are all becoming ever the more social. Shops and meetups around hobbies in local areas are becoming hotpots of social activity.

Hobbies and leisure are paradoxically increasing in popularity because of the gig economy and potentially transforming into the passion economy. Bloggers and influencers are leveraging their personal Passions to create cottage industry from their hobbies.

Good culture, freelancing, are intertwined with tech, web design, and graphic artistry. This is expanding into fashion, combined with influencers fashion is a popular passion for hobbies, and hustle. Health trends are also giving leverage to the passion economy, yoga is forefront, with supplements and workout guides being play popular as well. A common dimension for this passion economy is blogging. Blogging itself, writing is often meta hustle. Copy-writing freelancing is it common career path, and fairly orthodox. Influencers expand on copyrighting and blogging into podcasting and videos and Instagram to morph into their own brand of themselves.nnWriting itself is its own discipline, and as such has its own challenges, writer’s block being quite well-known of course. Counter-intuitively music specific to encouraging and ease creative writing has recently become popular. Specific playlist of even been published to encourage writing and writing creatively.

Converting a hobby into a hustle has potential challenges and down sides; some people find that their hobby is no longer enjoyable once they attempt to profit from it. There is increased danger when folks jumping as a full-time gig, often times the stress of attempting to earn a living takes all the fun out of it. This is often exacerbated by under estimating the effort and challenges related to running a business, as opposed to simply engaging in once passion for as a hobby.

There is however quite a bit of potential upside from leveraging one’s passion as a revenue stream. Motivation can often come easier, passion can push curiosity to go out and find new ways overcoming every day in and day out challenges of running a business. One of the more often successful pads is the side hustle. Of course this is a huge trend these days, and it also affords the opportunity to develop a business out of our passion out risking our primary source of income.

As Richard Branson says “Embrace the side hustle

There or of course a few key and significant challenges when attempting to build a business out of one’s hobby. Mostly related to core aspects of running a business itself, from setting up a business with a proper structure accounting, and administration, to marketing and promotion; all of which maybe largely outside of the core hobby passion itself.

Music and exercise are two of the more common techniques to motivate and ignites creativity. this actually becomes potentially an advantage for passion economy goers because our passions quite often interleave with music entertainment and for a few of us health and exercise is our passion and hustle. Passion economy enthusiasts also often have more flexible schedule and can leverage and midday break to take a run or hit the gym.

Music is integral to human existence of course. Music has inspired for generations. The growth of subscription services and music sharing platforms has enabled even more creativity driven music. People are sharing playlist that are designed to Foster creativity. Artists are developing playlists for specific moods. The creatives of the world have embraced the creative power of music.

It seems counter-intuitive at first to write while listening to music, after all the lyrics would simply muddle our mind and get in our way. However, the breath of music genre has exploded in modern times and plenty of music has been developed that does not interrupt our train of thought or mental flows. Furthermore, to the surprise of many, we find that listening to music even with lyrics while doing creative work is beneficial, the lyrics often times do not get in the way but are simply in the background and Foster our creative mood.n

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