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Emergent Experience Transcends Devices

Mobile is not just about the phone. There is a growth in increase of new types and brands of portable devices coming on the market recently, such as advanced speakers, tablets, and smart watches. A Divine cycle is emerging as technology improves, customer desires and even expectations are expanding and heightening, which then drives investment into portable device innovation, further improving technology and driving consumer desire all the more.

Novel developments are also appearing in the user experience of these products. Lessons learned from mobile phones are being applied to speakers and watches. This is also being driven by increasing demand pressures of consumers whose expectations are continually increasing by product experiences elsewhere, such as vehicle infotainment and mobile phones or laptops.

This Divine cycle has now begun to foster revolutionary advancements, not just evolutionary but revolutionary services and user experiences. The technology now enables portable devices to network into each other or even larger devices such as gym equipment or televisions. This is enabling experiences in our daily lives for entertainment in the living room or on the patio, and workout assistance that goes wherever you do. Transcending time and space is a game changer for these sorts of experience. The increase and popularity of the active lifestyle, and growing social nature of our daily lives both benefits from and encourages the development of these revolutionary experiences.

The network effects are what is giving the biggest lift to these revolutionary experiences. Consumer tech product companies are becoming more and more collaborative which is accelerating type of services and experiences beyond what would be limited by a single product or brand. Surprisingly, Apple has even begun expanding and collaborating with products and brands outside their walled garden. This is clearly a big jump in what’s going to be possible for consumer experience across experiences and activities in our day-to-day lives.

The continuing growth of health conscious and active lifestyles, combined with ever-growing social media that has boosted the intention economy we’ll also both benefits and encourage these types of devices. This includes both consumer product and experiences, as well as what is going to be possible for creatives participating in the gig economy.

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