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Fan Art For Fun and Profit

Photo and video publishing and sharing are increasing level experience for shared content and user engagement. Google YouTube most popular feature is of course user-uploaded videos. YouTube music is looking to expand to include this feature for music. Video sharing platform Byte is increasing engagement from a commercial perspective by allowing direct profit sharing, a big jump over one of their main competitors TikTok. Snapchat is a trial of a fascinating new feature to publish “reverse fan art” and embed user avatars into video stories with their new “Bitmoji TV” feature.

Now these features are quite new, still in beta or not even released yet. We are seeing signals of emergent trends in user engagement here. Overtime, if these user experiences resonate with the social media crowd, there is a huge potential for advanced features in the realm of social media content engagement and personalization. Current state-of-the-art technology already exists to enable much deeper such user experiences, it is the user adoption what experiences that social media consumers will gravitate towards which is going to drive next level innovations in this space.

Of course Network effects from social media platforms drive much deeper levels of user engagement. It is not too terribly surprising to see YouTube music expanding on this model. On the other hand, Snapchat is quite innovative with their next level engagement feature. Monetization remains a perennial challenge for all platforms, with the rise of the gig economy and the rise of the attention economy as well, Byte is making a move that seems obvious in hindsight but is commercially innovative nonetheless compared to current state-of-the-art.

The combination of ever-increasing engagement with deeper personalization rings new security concerns. Of course these features are to new to be able to say one way or the other specifically. However, users should continue to exercise same level of caution as personalized information becomes all the more ubiquitous across social media shared content.

The way that user engagement generates contact coupled with the business models and revenue sharing will be interesting to see how things evolve in terms of digital rights.

There is a potential jump in adoption these social media platforms by new users, who may have previously been less engaged with social media. Effective personalization may attract new users for sure. On the flip side, tried-and-true models of user-uploaded content and monetization should continue to prove effective.

The trend towards deeper personalization and merging of user-generated content is exciting for consumers.

There is a horizon potential for an increase in the trend of fan art and user content combined with artistry to morph fan and artist overtime allowing relationship to create revolutionary experiences. Niche opportunities will evolve as well for those in the gig economy world to participate in the commercial aspects.

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Lila Iké | Biggest Fan:

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