Streaming music player with beautiful photos – a Fusion of Art and Music!



MX FUSION Streaming Player is a newly launched streaming player and grab the focus of new Singles/musicians/upcoming artists/Independent music creators to promote the work absolutely free. Now you don’t have to pay for showcasing your work as we have a number of playlists to feature your music through our music player. We have all genre playlists that are getting updated weekly to get more listeners and a new taste of music every new week.

All musicians are welcome to share music with us on  

We can see the progress in listeners’ graphs as more and more music is getting played through our social media platforms and these playlists are getting popular within a short time. This is a new way of displaying your work in front of the audience with photo and music fusion in Spotify playlists through MX FUSION STREAMING PLAYER

This is a totally new way to get free promotion to your Spotify music. You can also visit our social media platforms

This is authentic and free of cost displaying your amazing music so don’t get disappointed if you are not getting results on Spotify. Just share the music and the rest leave it on us. We listen to all music so the cue needs some waiting period to get featured in our playlists. You can also drop music to our Twitter handle

In case you need support do contact on our google business contact details 





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