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Light Up Your Passion With DIY Photography

Your own hobbies and interests make for great photography subjects and settings (of course). Your arts, crafts, or even your own product line; whether it’s artsy-craftsy, fashion, or some highly technical product – photography helps you to explore your customer persona and tell your story at the same time.

For most all of us with a side hustle, we got started in whatever we got started in because that’s what we are interested in the first place. Food is a popular place for a lot of us to explore our creativity – who doesn’t like to eat. And it always brings us together with family and friends. With specialty food products we can share our unique flavor to the world. Like that time at your Sunday afternoon family BBQ when cousin Joe got a little carried away over at the prepping counter, spilling his beer all into the fresh peppers. Calamity threatened to ensue, but wait – Maybe we are onto something here?

Well these aren’t just any peppers; these are 3rd generation heirloom spicy peppers perfected with just the right amount of heat to give it a kick without kicking over the flavor completely. And cousin Joe doesn’t seem like the type to plan ahead much, but that Hefe he had in his hand made for the perfect combination with just those peppers. The rest is history, your side-hustle specialty BBQ sauce is a hit!

Aligning your product with a theme that matches your customer persona is going to the next level to set your artistry apart. Theme is more than just a product line, but how it fits in with your customers enjoyment,  lifestyle, and how it weaves in your value proposition as well. Just like this specialty barbecue sauce, it’s not about a cool shot of your bottle with fancy lighting, rather show your product as it would be in the wild, a backyard barbecue setting similar to what got things started with your sauce in the first place. That’s the theme, make it a story for the Sunday Afternoon Family Barbecue, and your special sauce is the special guest of course. 

In fact, lighting is a surprisingly often overlooked aspect of photography, especially for project photography. Instead of splashing the entire scene with bright white light, you can make your photography really pop with simple lighting techniques such as feathering lighting.

And food is such a broad palette for creativity, there’s no shortage of inspiration and mixed with photography stunning effects can be achieved. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! Pay attention to detail, spend extra effort on the little things, and put in the time to take multiple shots. It always takes multiple attempts to get things just right!

4 stunning action food photos

Photography is a great field of expression for your side hustle, and don’t think you need to be a pro. A DIY approach let’s your genuine self shine through. It’s a great way to tell the story about what you make or what services you provide to the world. It also provides channel of inspiration for your product development.

We here at MX Fusion love photography! We especially love photography that shines a light on the stories of our lives. Fused with music makes it are the more unique to our own personal story.

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Rank 1 | L.E.D. There Be Light – Cosmic Gate Remix:

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