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Now is a Great Time to Jump Into the Mirrorless Scene

Mirrorless camera technology has been in development for quite some time now, and recent advancements have delivered some impressive cameras. 

One of the interesting aspects of mirrorless camera technology that sets it apart from DSLR is software. Having the software powered capabilities embedded into the camera itself and designed as an integral piece of the internal workings creates a unique potential. Real time effects and filters can be applied, and are much more advanced. Instant post-processing allows for a synergistic feedback loop with your subjects. And real-time image stabilization capabilities enable photographers to capture otherwise difficult if not impossible shots. 

Photo by Oleg Chursin on Unsplash

Like that one time you took off with friends on a random excursion for no reason at all. Before you know it, you are seemingly miles away from any human activity. As everyday thoughts from your work -a-day world fade away, you begin to notice how you never noticed how majestic the mountains really are. Just as you round the very next bend, the sunset lights up the valley in a golden bath stretched out in front the windshield. But on a tight winding mountain road, there’s no good place to just pull over for a photo op. Good thing you’re not driving, let’s get this shot! Taking photographs from a moving car can be tricky, especially on a winding mountain road. Well another good thing is that you packed your mirrorless camera along for the ride; being lightweight as it is makes easy habit to carry along pretty much everywhere you go. And this panoramic sunset snap out the windshield turned out brilliantly! The sophisticated auto-focus with stabilization made it almost easy to capture such a breathtaking photo. 

It is a generally held belief that DSLR boasts superior image quality. But mirrorless is catching up, and in some circles considered to be on par with DSLR. Considering many photography scenarios where pure image quality it’s not the number one factor, mirrorless can a valuable tool in your tool belt. 

Event photography is a great example. While you are navigating the crowds and juxtaposing to get yourself in position at the perfect spot for that wide-angle shot, mirrorless will feel effortless with its light weight. The extra features offered by some mirrorless models, such as 5 dimensional image stabilization and panoramic capabilities, are like having a pro assistant in the palm of your hands. 

We here at MX fusion are fanatical about quality. And capturing the essence of the moment which makes a special photo come alive is much more than the pure image quality. Being able to immerse yourself in the moment to create art and beauty. Assistive tools help make that happen. 

Mirrorless may not be the best choice to replace DSLR for your own photography today. Laptop computing took a similar journey, starting out with devices far inferior to any desktop machine, over time have improved enough to be a desktop replacement for millions as they work and play around the globe. But in the beginning, laptops where only preferable for certain use cases like visiting the remote office or studying at a cafe. Mirrorless cameras are still evolving out of there niche use cases into full suite replacements, making now a great time for a look at mirrorless in your photography world. You just might find flashes of inspiration learning new techniques never possible before, and honing your skills to really take advantage of future improvements in mirrorless camera technology that will continue to roll out over time. 

As we ponder the next step of are mirrorless journey, let’s enjoy a Fusion of Mac Miller | Objects in the Mirror:

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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