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Photo Filters For Fun And Profit

Filters are fun. And now they are easy. Instagram has had built-in features for a while now, easy tools as you upload to give your photos a professional look or a fun and hip style to really make them pop. Now video is joining the party, with the Rtro App from Moment. This app makes it super easy to apply cool filters on videos – you don’t have to be an Academy Award nominee in visual effects or film editing to put together something unique and creative. The big trend these days is a retro look, and both Instagram and Rtro have the old school style filters to make the most of this trend for setting your photos and videos apart.

As a matter of fact, according to

“The second-favorite filter in 16 states … is Gingham. It’s a nostalgic choice. Once reserved for videos, this vintage-inspired photo filter lets Instagram users evoke the past.”

Filters are more than just fun. Polished photos stand out from the crowd better then the popular kids at High School. And developing artistic style based on your own favorite filters matched up to your personal stories creates a unique feed to develop that audience of long-term followers. Don’t let the ease-of-use fool you, these filters guide you towards solid first principles as well. We’ve written before about the

And these retro filter apps are with you year round to make the most out of sharing the biggest bashes and events. A Lego theme is perfect for your kids summer birthday party. Apply the stop motion film effect from Rtro then people will second guess if it’s not a Lego movie sequel “Summer Lego Party Breaks the 4th Wall”? When Halloween rolls around, grainy and scratchy film effect filters on your party videos will give Blair Witch Project a run for its money. And to ring in the New Year, party Like it’s 1999 with convincing VHS distortion effects. 

The most exciting aspect of these filter apps maybe the opportunity to be creator as well as consumer. There is a market place out there on Instagram and Moment Rtro, you can develop and publish your own filters to the world. Filter creators and publishers can then earn a residual revenue stream from a percentage of the sales. Using your own filters to build that popular following on your own social media can drive additional new users to boost sales even further. Filters to promote filters, so meta. 

We here at at MX-Fusion love beautiful photos! Filters create a mood that when fused with music makes the experience really pop. You can fuse your own photos with your favorite music on the MX-Fusion app, and post it up on Instagram to share for the world to enjoy.

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Filter | Take a Picture:

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