Streaming music player with beautiful photos – a Fusion of Art and Music!

Photo Slideshow with Music

The app Photo Slideshow with Music does just what its name suggests: allows you to use pictures stored on your Google Chrome or UNSPLASH to create slideshows with music from SPOTIFY. With this app, you can create slideshows with anywhere from two to fifty images & merge into any song of your choice.

Use your photos to create an interesting and dynamic presentation with the useful app Photo Slideshow with Music. This app makes it easy to create great slideshows and share them with friends and family.The APP is integrated and artifical Intelligence is inbuild that it will auto-pick the photos of same theme as the theme in the song you selected so its all automatic.No editing work needed and no payment needed at all to display your work on social media.

Music Photo Fusion 🎶📸🎶🎶

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