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Photography Tells the Story

It has been said that the only way to tell a story is with a sweeping picture. Age-old cliche a picture is worth a thousand words. Our photos create stories that are bigger than ourselves. Shared photos bring other peoples imagination into the scene, and new stories are built up among family and friends. The power of our human imagination reverberates.

The beauty of human imagination is that when we look at a photo instantly create the stories in our minds. Where would we be standing to capture such a view, which direction would we be looking? Who would be standing next to us? How would the wind feel in our hair? What are the unique smells of the bazaar? Imagination is like compound interest, our common human experiences get multiplied.

It is tempting to get carried away and overly focused on the photographs to the point where we miss the experience our own selves. We easily forget that the point of the photograph it’s not reason for going on an adventure, and we could miss out on the very experience itself. This does not mean that we should leave our cameras behind. Photography creates powerful memories and ignites shared experiences. But let’s not lose our own experience in the making. Enjoy! The supercomputer in your pocket can help as well, the photos come naturally and your phone camera do the work of getting great shots. Enjoy the experience at the same time, and have something to remember and share as well.

David Griffin: How photography connects us

Selfies are fun and build and nice catalog of memories. Selfies maybe overly maligned these days, there’s nothing wrong with capturing yourself in the moment. Going out on adventures with friends and capturing selfies and groups together is even better. Long lasting bonds and deep meaningful relationships benefit from capturing experiences and creating memories.

Sometimes getting the shot is experience in itself. Remember that time you almost slid down a mountain trying to get a snap of that hummingbird? It doesn’t always have to be so dramatic; a long afternoon hike to capture sunset from the hilltop is an experience that rejuvenates our soul, at least for the weekend. The feeling of cold waves crashing over your feet as you capture a beach summer scene stays with you. The storm that came out of nowhere and soaked you and your friends as you ran into that quaint cafe for cover, and ended up discovering the best quiche of your life.

Photography is a wonderful raison d’être for taking an adventure, to get exhilarating photographs that can only be captured by being there. Special times and seasons make photography tours deeply rich experiences. To capture the sunrise over the Yucatan, you have to be there at sunrise! To capture the breathtaking color changes of autumn in Vermont can only be captured during autumn in Vermont. These adventures are powerfully dynamic. Photography is a powerful mechanism to go out solo expand your mind, and for some of us to overcome challenges of fear and anxiety in a hyper-social society. The experience itself will be transformative. The photographs are a bonus, an asset that we can share if we like, or keep to ourselves. Yet these same experiences can be a bonding adventure among friends. Milestones throughout our lifetime are often times opportunities for adventure trips with friends to capture magnificent world sites. Summer break after graduation, girls holiday weekend before a wedding. Photographs will tell the story a decade from now our bonds together ever the deeper with meaning.

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