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Street photography is more than just the photographs

It’s a blustery day at the festival. Getting bumped into and slipping in the mud wasn’t what you envisioned on the way out the door this morning. Sure, everybody knows that street photography is never easy. But getting the right camera settings in real time proved even more difficult when constantly confounded trying to get the right composition – by the time you decide between a close up or wide-angle shot of the epic crowd clouds have shifted to change the lighting once again; it might as well start to rain by now. At the end of the day, disappointment sinks in as you did not get even one masterpiece shot. Oh well, street photography is a waning fad anyhow. 

Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Street photography doesn’t have to be like this. It actually has a lot to offer, and will add unique depth to your portfolio. Bustling randomness offers an endless stream of new compositions and color arrays. Ephemeral scenery creates a fast feedback loop perfect for taking risks and trying out new things. While it is true that the trend has been in recent decline, chasing trends is not necessarily the best way to develop your own specific artistic style. Telling your story through your own personal lens is what sets you apart. Going after a scene that inspires you regardless today’s latest fads keeps your art genuine. 

But street photography is a constant challenge to be sure. Managing your equipment out in the wild is burdensome and sometimes risky. Getting the technical set up correct is difficult enough in a studio, with your outdoor subjects and backdrop constantly shifting it’s one of the greatest challenges in all the field of photography. While these challenges can become discouraging, there is an upside out there when you reframe your approach to it. Street photography is an opportunity to hone your  skills. Good subject and composition is universal for all types of photography after all. This fast-paced environment is great practice for a better experience then most any University. And it can be a lot of fun! So you don’t need to set a goal of becoming the best free agent sports photographer in the world. And after you get out there and stretch yourself, coming back to your other subjects you’ll find yourself taking better shots, setting up creative compositions more naturally, and getting more out of your equipment to really nail that depth of field.

Street photography is a wonderful art form for all different photographers, and can be useful not just as a style in and of itself but as an experience to improve your photography in other areas while developing your technical skills as well. We here at MX-Fusion love photographs. All kinds of photographs. Every photistic style can work with music, fused together will create beautiful art for all genres. All the more for street photography, fused with a live rock concert banger makes the photos come alive, tells a story. So don’t hold back on your artistic vision, let the Fusion inspire you.

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Depeche Mode | Enjoy The Silence – Live:

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