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The Exponential Impact of Photojournalism Overcomes Barriers.

According to Time Magazine, lunch atop a skyscraper is one of the 100 most influential photographs of all time. Although it is a staged photo it’s not phony; the men enjoying lunch hovering aloft the city are real iron workers who risked their lives as they blazed a trail upwards on a daily basis. Cityscapes continue to be one of the most popular subjects for photography all the way through to today. San Francisco also has a richly documented photographic history telling the human story of aspiration and achievement.

Another great achievement of humankind was landing a man on the moon. Another top 100 photo rightfully highlighted by Time Magazine.  

Photographs have the potential to resonate with us with visceral immediacy. Time magazine tells a story of an iconic Cathedral Rock Yosemite photo.

Published long before Ansel Adams arrived on scene, it inspired US politicians led by President Abraham Lincoln to establish the Yosemite Grant Act in less than 4 years of the photo’s publication. And the natural wildlife that has been wonderfully protected and preserved by our national parks inspires photography to this day. A broad range of themes continue to be captured by photojournalists. Some stories are heartwarming tales on the beauty and power of nature itself. Others are cautionary and revealing documentaries on the very real impact of climate change.

A recent example of impactful photojournalism comes from the Photographers Against Wildlife. This group has been holding photo galleries and publishing books with photographic story of the wildlife trade in China. They have inspired tens of thousands into awareness of this important issue. Some of their popular books have sold out in less than a year worldwide. This initiative has even generated awareness within China.

Photography transcends culture because human nature is actually quite similar all around the world. From the outside, China is often perceived to be in strict alignment with government mandates and uniform social norms. But of course the population of China are humans after all. Hopes, dreams, emotions and desires are not fundamentally different from cultures across the globe. 

A prime example is the chairman Mao River photo. Back in the sixties, long before social media existed anywhere in the world let alone China, this photo went viral and changed the course of history.

That’s the power of photography, to transcend cultures spanning continents and generations. Photography has a powerful effect on all of us. And photographs clearly show how things change over time. Look at New York in the roaring twenties next to a photo from today. Two photos like this tell a deeply human story that novel would struggle to convey. 

Here at MX-Fusion we know the power of photography. We believe in freedom of expression. Our mission is the beautiful enjoyment of music and photography. We don’t pretend to be photojournalism changing the world, but we do believe in fundamentals of human nature and powerful effects of photos. 

The impact of photojournalism is visible throughout modern human history around the world. The ability to succinctly tell a powerful story coupled with the unique visualization of changes over time is exponential. 

Now let’s enjoy a Fusion for Alice In Chains | Heaven Beside You:

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